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ADM Defender

ADM Defender helps protect your NAS from attacks originating from the Internet. Listed below are policies of which ADM Defender prioritizes in order of importance:

  • Firewall:
    Use the firewall to allow or deny specific IP addresses access to your NAS. To ensure continued access when denying all connections to your NAS, ensure that your device IP addresses have been added to the allow list, otherwise all devices will be locked out.
  • Trusted List:
    IP addresses specified in the trusted list override addresses found in blacklist or automatic blacklist.
  • Risk Detection Greylist: (Introduced in ADM 4.2.6)
    When enabling risk IP detection, ADM will check the addresses of devices that attempt to connect to a NAS. IP addresses that are not in the automatic blacklist by the firewall and the trustlist are given a risk rating. By comparing addresses with the risk detection greylist stored on ADM, the AbuseIPDB online database, the existence of addresses already found in the ADM risk detection greylist, or addresses exceeding a specified risk value will be directly blocked, preventing login. The blocked IP will be directly added to the greylist.
    The period of time an IP address is blocked can be set in Settings. By default, a suspicious IP address will be permanently blocked. The minimum time an address can be blocked is seven days.
    Before using this feature, please first sign up for an account at AbuseIPDB and obtain an API key. Click here to view instructions. Individual accounts have a maximum checks or reports per day. To increase the number of checks and reports, a paid plan from AbuseIPDB is required.
  • Auto Black List:
    The automatic blacklist blocks IP addresses that make too many unsuccessful attempts to log in within a set amount of time. Specific policies can be changed by administrators in Settings.
  • Black List:
    Use the blacklist to block either specific client IP addresses, entire ranges or entire countries from accessing your NAS. IP addresses not listed in the automatic blacklist or manual blacklist are allowed to access your NAS.
  • White List:
    Use the whitelist to give either specific IP addresses, entire ranges or entire countries access to your NAS. IP addresses added into the blacklist or automatic blacklist will override the whitelist and remain blocked from accessing your NAS.

To define the blacklist and whitelist using geolocation, the Geo IP Database app on App Central must be installed first.

About the Black and White List

The Black and White List can protect you from malicious attacks and prevent hackers from trying to access your NAS. Supported services are as follows:

  • ADM system login (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • WebDAV