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FTP Backup

FTP backup can allow for your NAS to be used as a backup destination or backup source. When using your NAS as a backup source, you can choose to back up the data from your NAS onto another remote ASUSTOR NAS or FTP server. When your NAS acts as a backup destination, you can back up the data from another remote ASUSTOR NAS or FTP server onto your NAS.

  • Mission Mode: Sometimes backup jobs may be stopped because of various connection problems with a busy server on the other end. ASUSTOR’s Mission Mode option allows you to configure the number of connection attempts and time interval for connection attempts, ensuring for the successful completion of your backup job. This also gives IT administrators a significant amount of flexibility when configuring backup jobs.

Reminder: If you wish to use FTP backup while using your NAS in conjunction with another remote ASUSTOR NAS, please remember to enable the FTP server feature on the remote NAS (Services FTP Server).

About FTP Backup

Normally, FTP backup is suitable for use with a majority of FTP servers. However, incompatibility issues do arise from time to time. Therefore, it is recommended that you use two ASUSTOR NAS units to execute your backup jobs.