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Online Help

Navigate Desktop

After signing in, you'll see the ADM desktop. From here, you can start getting things done, like manage settings, use apps.


The taskbar is located at the top of the screen and includes the following items:

  1. Show Desktop: Minimize all open application windows.
  2. Open applications: Displays currently open applications. You can right-click and pin applications to the taskbar for faster access in the future.
  3. Task Monitor: Appears when you start uploading files to the NAS. Click here to see more details, like progress and upload speed.
  4. Options: Power Off, Restart, Sleep, Sign out, or modify personal account options.
  5. System Announcement: Display customized content. To set customized content, please go to "Settings" "General" "Sign In Page Style" Select "System announcement".
  6. Tools: Show or hide widgets.
  7. Searchlight: Quickly find specific applications, files here.
  8. Preferences: The new interface makes system management more efficient and settings easier to find. Browse and access all related settings with one click.