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Mac OS X

After enabling Mac OS X file service, you can access your NAS via any Mac OS X operating system (i.e., Mac OS X v10.7). This file transfer protocol is called AFP (Apple Filing Protocol). You can also use Time Machine to back up data to your NAS.

  • Apple Filing Protocol (AFP): This is the protocol used when transferring files between Mac OS X and local area networks. Go to the Finder and click "Go" in the Finder menu, then select "Connect to Server." This will bring up the Connect to Server dialog box. Here you can enter the IP address that you want to connect to.
    For example: afp://
  • Bonjour Service Name: Your NAS will be identified by this name in the Finder.
  • Time Machine Support: Here you can enable Time Machine support and select the shared folder that you wish to back up to. If multiple Mac users wish to access this feature simultaneously, please refer to NAS 159 - Time Machine: Best Practice for guidance.

About Bonjour

Bonjour, also known as zero-configuration networking, has been widely used in Apple related products. It will scan your vicinity for other Apple devices and then let you directly connect to them without having to know their actual IP addresses.

After enabling this service, you will be able to see your NAS in the left hand panel of the Finder under "Shared". Simply click on your NAS to connect to it.

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