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  • EZ-Router

    EZ configuration

    Still trying to find a way to get remote access to your NAS? Struggling with router configuration and don't know where to start? ADM's built-in EZ-Router function can help you easily complete router configuration in a snap.


    Your customized cloud server

    EZ-Router allows your NAS to quickly integrate with the cloud by helping you configure designated ports. Additionally, it also gives you the flexibility to specify the services you want enabled helping you to create a customized cloud server for yourself.


    EZ Connect

    This function which automatically helps users to easily configure port forwarding services no matter if they are new to NAS or an IT professional. Once a user's Cloud ID has been enabled on an ASUSTOR NAS device, the EZ-Router* service will automatically be enabled in order to complete all port forwarding configurations. Furthermore, during the installation of Apps, any associated port forwarding configurations can also be automatically completed. The manual connection is still provided for users who require the flexibility to configure their own customized settings.
    EZ-Router: Please check the compatibility table