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Surveillance Center 3.0 Beta

All-new Surveillance Center for cross-platform browsing

Compatible with TLS 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3

Supports AiSecure

A Platform-Independent Surveillance Center

Surveillance Center 3.0 Beta is cross-platform and supports major web browsers on Windows, macOS and Linux. Surveillance Center 3 Beta requires an ASUSTOR NAS running ADM 4.3.0 and above and is available from App Central. Surveillance Center 3 Beta supports Windows Firefox, macOS Safari, Chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Edge as well as other web browsers. Surveillance Center not only provides real-time surveillance monitoring and playback of recordings for multiple camera channels, but also significantly decreases the resources needed to operate Surveillance Center providing you with an optimal and seamless experience.

*Due to web browser limitations on streaming video formats, camera live view and video playback do not support H.265 video.


Protected from End to End

Secure transfers of surveillance feeds are imperative to the safety of a home or office. Using a secure connection can ensure the privacy and security of surveillance feeds. This means that Surveillance Center 3 Beta, combined with ADM’s support for HTTPS connections, allow for surveillance feeds to be encrypted to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks and snooping. Browsers that support TLS 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 are supported.

*HTTPS connections are currently not supported if using Safari and Firefox.


Simple and intuitive on-screen controls

A variety of real-time on-screen controls and functions on the Surveillance Center interface allow you to control PTZ camera movement, configure camera settings, start recordings and take snapshots of camera feeds. In addition to providing a smooth and intuitive control experience, the efficiency of operation is also significantly increased.


Record only when you need to

Surveillance Center offers you a variety of recording options. No matter if you need scheduled continuous recording or recording only when certain events occur, Surveillance Center is sure to satisfy your needs. Surveillance Center's various recording modes are listed below:

  • Manual Recording: While viewing a live feed, you can click on the record button at any time to begin or stop recording. In the event that you do not stop your recording, Surveillance Center will record until your designated recording quota has been reached.
  • Continuous or Scheduled Recording: Whether you require 24/7 continuous recording or recording only during a specific time, Surveillance Center can get the job done ensuring that you never miss any critical moments.
  • Motion Trigger Recording: In the event that any motion is detected in the surveilled environment, Surveillance Center will immediately begin recording, allowing you to save significant space on your hard disks and ensuring that you never miss any critical moments.
  • Alarm Trigger Recording: Triggering recording via a camera's alarm mechanism allows you to precisely record all critical events. Not only does this save space on your hard disks but also lowers the amount of reading and writing on your hard disks, prolonging their life.
  • Motion Trigger and Alarm Trigger Recording: This mode combines motion trigger and alarm trigger recording. If either mode is triggered, recording will begin immediately. This is a comprehensive recording mode that ensures you will never miss any critical moments.


Supports a wide variety of cameras

ASUSTOR Surveillance Center supports a wide variety of different camera models, allowing you to choose suitable cameras based on functional needs and cost considerations.

Supports 900+ IP cameras

Surveillance Center is currently compatible with over 900+ IP camera models from world renowned brands. Furthermore, ASUSTOR releases multiple updates each year that add more compatible cameras providing for even more flexible options.

ONVIF Profile S, T support

Supporting ONVIF Profile S and Profile T allows Surveillance Center to further expand compatibility for network IP cameras, giving system integrators and home users more flexibility and choice when creating their surveillance system.

Generic camera support

What do you do if your camera is not on Surveillance Center’s compatibility list? Surveillance Center can now receive real-time video streams from cameras via the Generic RTSP function that is supported by the majority of all cameras. This makes basic real-time video streaming and recording with almost any camera a breeze.


You want high resolution recordings, but does choppy video from surveillance feeds annoy you? Surveillance Center now supports 3 independent video streaming modes*, allowing administrators to configure default resolutions for recordings and viewing feeds remotely. Users can select appropriate resolutions based on network bandwidth and the number of channels that they are viewing, optimizing video streaming under different network bandwidth limitations.

*Number may vary according to camera brand.


Role-based access control

Surveillance Center provides role based access control, allowing administrators to create roles for users according to their responsibilities, administrative tasks that they are able to execute, and the camera feed playback and administrative functions available to them. These roles can then be assigned to users based on their responsibilities and administrative tasks that they are able to execute, significantly increasing management convenience and flexibility.


Surveillance Centre 3.0 Beta and Surveillance Centre 2.x are not able to co-exist alongside each other due to conflicts. You must uninstall one before installing the other.

Note: The following features are currently not supported in Surveillance Center 3.0 Beta, but will be added at later dates.

Live View

  • Sequence
  • Maps
  • G711 alaw and G726 sound formats are not supported


  • Quick Start
  • Event action rules
  • Maps
  • Mount Recordings
  • CMS
  • Clock Synchronization
  • RTSP Server

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