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What is Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is a comprehensive photo management and post-processing tool that allows photographers to easily handle their captured works. Once you import your photos into Lightroom, you can use it to edit, tag, and categorize your images. You can adjust brightness and colors, correct horizons and imperfections, and export your works to various media formats.

ASUSTOR 與 Adobe 雲端儲存空間應用

What is WebDAV?

WebDAV is a protocol for managing and collaborating on documents over the web. It enables users to remotely edit and manage files through a web server.
WebDAV allows you to remotely access and manage files over a network, providing direct access to data stored on your home or office hard drives. Open files, read their contents, edit text, and add new documents using WebDAV. Despite the growing number of online collaboration methods, WebDAV is uniquely practical in its ability to perform remote file sharing. Many platforms and software support it, including, but not limited to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere.

ASUSTOR 與 Adobe 雲端儲存空間應用

Adobe Lightroom Supports WebDAV – So Does ASUSTOR

By utilizing the built-in WebDAV functionality in Lightroom, you can easily mount your photo libraries and you'll have seamless access to your remote photo library.
Lightroom is also designed to separate original files from files in use. Therefore, when collaborating with others on editing, you won’t have to worry about overwriting photos in use. Modified photos can also be synchronized to an ASUSTOR NAS, allowing others to see updated versions.
This is extremely useful for photographers, designers, and other professionals who require image post-processing. Regardless of their location, as long as there is an internet connection, captured photos can be conveniently transferred back to the NAS and a post-production team can simply open Lightroom and access the photos from the asset library for further editing. This makes team collaboration more convenient and efficient, allowing multiple team members to edit and manage photos simultaneously without overwriting each other's projects or original photo files. Additionally, all modifications are synchronized in real-time.

ASUSTOR 與 Adobe 雲端儲存空間應用

A Smoother Workflow - Convenient Image Storage - Seamless Collaboration

1 Easy Backups

After photographers complete on-site shoots, they can transmit camera footage back to your NAS through the internet. Once the images are back on the NAS, they can be automatically backed up and synchronized with other types of storage media to keep files protected.

2 Efficient Post Production

As long as your Lightroom implementation is mounted to a WebDAV asset library, your post-production team can access the photos in the library by simply opening Lightroom. There is no need to transfer and store the photos to their local computers for editing because it is as if these photos are right there on their own hard drives. Once the post-production team receives the photographer's photos, they can immediately start the post-processing work on the images and videos, enabling a remote working team that is not bound by time and space constraints.

3 Easy Project Management

Track file locations and store relevant information with Lightroom. Lightroom allows you to manage, identify, and organize photos for each project with flexibility. When you edit photos, rate them, add keywords, or perform any actions in Lightroom, all changes are stored in the catalog while the original photo files themselves remain unaffected by the modifications.

4 Post-Post-Production

Create share links with every team member or client for easy access while synchronizing data to cloud storage spaces, providing protection for your business data.

An Efficient and Enhanced Photo Project Experience

1 Local or remote access

Through WebDAV, you can access the team's asset library from anywhere with an internet connection. This is particularly useful for image production teams that have multiple devices or for individuals who need to perform photo post-processing tasks across different locations. Photographers and post-production professionals can access and manage Lightroom's photo library over the internet without the need to copy the photos to their local computers. This streamlined workflow enables smoother collaboration among multiple team members.

2 Collaborating with teams

When collaborating with other photographers, designers, or post-production editors within a team, WebDAV enables easy sharing and synchronization of an asset library. Different team members can simultaneously access and edit the same asset library. With Lightroom mounted to a NAS photo asset library, original photos are not overwritten, ensuring a smoother team collaboration experience.

3 Scalability for expanding storage needs

As your business grows, the need for storage space becomes increasingly challenging to manage. ASUSTOR NAS devices provide a flexible solution for expanding storage capacity. Easily add hard drives, SSDs into your NAS or expansion unit to increase the capacity of your NAS, which includes your photo asset library. This resolves the issue of limited computer storage and the difficulty of expanding it, freeing up your computer's performance for editing tasks.

4 Backup and disaster recovery

ASUSTOR NAS devices not only help keep backups of your photos but also allows you to connect Lightroom's photo asset library to other cloud storage spaces. For additional protection, ASUSTOR NAS devices provide snapshot functionality, enabling quick restoration of important files in the event of data loss from user error or ransomware attacks.

5 Security

WebDAV supports HTTPS, which means that data is encrypted during transmission. Additionally, you can individually configure file permissions and access controls as needed to ensure that only authorized users can access and edit the photos. This is particularly important in professional environments that involve sensitive materials to prevent leaks from happening.

6 Multi-platform support

Both Lightroom and ASUSTOR NAS have cross-platform support, meaning that you are not limited to one platform. Whether you’re using Windows or macOS, laptop or desktop, there are no limits when utilizing Lightroom for photo management and editing, ensuring easy access to your library at any time.

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