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Online Help


Here you can configure all the necessary settings for remote access.

  • After enabling EZ-Connect, you will be able to connect to a NAS using a web browser, mobile app or ASUSTOR EZ Connect.
  • To use a web browser, please open a web browser, input your ASUSTOR Cloud ID and connect to the NAS to access data anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • EZconnect.to will first attempt to use the LAN IP or EZ-Router to connect to a NAS. If connection fails, the relay server will then be attempted. Cloudid.myasustor.com users can also use the cloudid.ezconnect.to url to connect to a NAS.

Note: Using a relay server to connect to a NAS may take longer than usual and may also be slower than directly connecting to a NAS. Some applications cannot be executed in this mode. If you need to download large files, it is recommended to use ASUSTOR EZ Connect for file transmission. If connecting using "cloud.ezconnect.to" via relay server to connect to your NAS, ASUSTOR will limit bandwidth speed to maintain service stability.