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Web Center

Note: This function is available on ADM 4.0 and above.

Web Center is a new feature that makes choosing the appropriate tools for setting up a web server easy.
Web Center applies Apache HTTP server and PHP 7 packages by default. Nginx, PHP 7.4 and PHP 8 are available on App Central for ADM 4.1 and above.


Displays information about the web server and PHP packages.

Web Server:

Enabling this will create a shared folder named "Web" that will serve as the web server's root directory.

  • Web server implementation: Select a web server package, the default is Apache HTTP Server.
  • Enable the web server and set the port, the default is 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS.
  • Enable EZ-Connect port forwarding: Enable port forwarding to enable remote access.
  • Enable personal website: After enabling this, each NAS user can have their own dedicated personal website. Before using this, you must first create a www folder within the Home folder and then upload the associated files for your personal website to the www folder. Afterwards, you will be able to connect to the site using the NAS IP (or DDNS URL) followed by adding ~username. For example: or https://cloudid.myasustor.com/~admin.
  • PHP implementation: Select the installed PHP package, the default is PHP 7.
  • Enable PHP cache: Enabling PHP cache could enhance the PHP performance. However, it may not take effect under some circumstances.

Virtual Host:

You can use this feature to simultaneously host several websites on your NAS.


Display the status of all available web servers and PHP packages in App Central. Click to open App Central and install a package directly.

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