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App Central

Note: This function may differ depending on the NAS model in use.

You can use App Central to download apps that are suitable for use with your NAS. App Central provides you with a rich variety of applications, allowing you to install software that is uniquely suited to your needs. Whether your interests lie in digital entertainment, e-commerce, blogging or website construction, App Central has it all.

  • All newly installed apps will be immediately enabled after installation has finished.
  • Should you choose to remove an app, all settings and information relating to the app will be removed as well. If you wish to reinstall the app at a later date, the system will not be able to return the app to its previous state with all of its previous settings and information still intact.

About App Central

App Central may contain applications developed by ASUSTOR, open source software and software by third-party developers. For applications that have been officially verified, ASUSTOR provides a limited warranty with regards to its installation and execution. If you have any questions regarding a particular application, please contact the developer directly.

ASUSTOR cannot guarantee the stability of your system if you choose to install applications that have not been officially verified. Should you choose to do this, you will have to assume responsibility for all risks. Before you start using App Central you must first read and agree to the Terms of Use.

When upgrading ADM, it is recommended that you also simultaneously upgrade all ASUSTOR Apps as well in order to maintain compatibility with the latest version of ADM. This will allow your ASUSTOR NAS to operate under optimal conditions.

  • When upgrading ADM, also upgrade active ASUSTOR Apps that become incompatible:
    After enabling this option, all associated ASUSTOR Apps will be automatically upgraded when ADM is upgraded. This will allow your ASUSTOR NAS Apps to operate under optimal conditions.
  • Set automatic scheduled updates:
    After enabling this option, the system will automatically check for available updates for Apps during the configured time. If updates are available, the system will automatically proceed to download and install them.

Note: If, during ASUSTOR App upgrades, the system shuts down or the upgrades are interrupted due to unknown causes, the system will attempt the upgrades again at the next scheduled time.