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Note: This function is available on ADM 4.0 and above.

When scheduling peak hours, CPU load may be increased during off-peak hours as ADM resizes and converts photos and thumbnails.

  • The nighttime preset sets 6 PM to 8 AM every day as off-peak hours.
  • The daytime preset sets 8 AM to 6 PM every day as off-peak hours.
  • Disable background processing makes all hours peak hours: ADM will resize and convert photos only when accessing photos in File Explorer. This may slow down tasks at inconvenient times.
  • All hours are off-peak hours: ADM may perform these tasks at any time if required.
  • Manually setup off-peak hours: Users can customize their own off-peak hours to do these tasks.

Automatic Drive Information Updates:
If ADM frequently calculates drive usage information, CPU use may be more frequent. Please setup the scheduling to regularly update usage information across volumes at specific intervals.
Information concerning data use is found in Activity Monitor and in Access Control. Click Refresh to update drive information immediately.

  • Update upon startup: ADM will calculate and update the drive usage information upon startup.
  • Automatically update drive information: Set a custom schedule to update information automatically.