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Online Help


Note: This function may differ depending on the NAS model in use.

Here you can configure settings for the LED indicators, buzzer, hard disk hibernation, power usage, fan speed and LCD display panel.

  • System: Here you can choose to disable any of the LED indicators to save power. By selecting "night mode", only the system power LED indicator will be enabled. It will flash an orange light every 10 seconds. "Night mode scheduling" will allow you to configure the start time and duration of night mode. You can also configure settings for the buzzer and reset button here.
  • Disk Hibernation: Your hard disks will enter hibernation mode when left idle for the period of time specified here. Once in hibernation, the hard disk LED indicator on the front of the disk tray will flash once every 10 seconds to indicate that the disk is hibernating. If an access error is detected on a hard disk, the LED indicator on the front of the disk tray will be lit red.
  • Power: Here you can manage power usage settings such as Wake On LAN (WOL), Wake On WAN (WOW) and power scheduling.
  • Fan Control: Here you can set the rotation speed for the fan. If you are not sure about which speed to select, you can simply select Auto. This will automatically adjust the fan speed in accordance with the temperature of the system.
  • LCD Panel: You can have the LCD panel display a customized scrolling message. The function is only available on the models with LCD Panel.
  • Sleep Mode: Here you can configure the time period the NAS will remain idle before automatically entering Sleep Mode (S3). In addition to RAM, all of the NAS’s hardware will stop running in order to conserve energy.
Why won't my ASUSTOR NAS enter into Sleep Mode (S3)?

The following situations will affect the NAS's ability to enter into Sleep Mode (S3) as they require hard disk access while running.

  1. Download Center, Takeasy download tasks, RSS scheduled downloads, unable to enter Sleep Mode (S3) when subscription downloads from multimedia websites are in progress.
  2. Unable to enter into Sleep Mode (S3) when Surveillance Center is recording.
  3. Unable to enter into Sleep Mode (S3) when the following Apps are syncing: DataSync Center, ASUS WebStorage.
  4. Unable to enter into Sleep Mode (S3) when the following Apps are executing backup tasks: Cloud Backup Center, HiDrive, RALUS, WonderBox.

Reset Button

If for some reason you cannot connect to your NAS, this button can be used to return a portion of the settings to their default values.

  1. The system administrator account (admin) password will be reset back to "admin".
  2. The system HTTP and HTTPS ports will be reset back to 8000 and 8001 respectively.
  3. The system will revert to automatically obtaining an IP address. You can then use ASUSTOR Control Center to search for your NAS.
  4. ADM Defender will be reset and will allow all connections.

Reminder: You must hold the reset button down until you hear a "beep" for the settings mentioned above to be reset.