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Certificate Manager

Using Certificate Manager, you can import a valid certificate to establish an SSL connection. All communication data (including identity credentials and transmitted information) among your NAS and all clients will be automatically encrypted over the SSL connection. This helps prevent the data from being eavesdropped on or modified over Internet. SSL applicable services on ASUSTOR NAS include:

  • ADM management connections (HTTPS)
  • Web server connections (HTTPS)
  • FTP server connections (FTPS)
  • Mail server connections (POP3s, IMAPs)

The Certificate Manager in ASUSTOR NAS can directly connect to Let’s Encrypt to generate a valid certificate and install it automatically. This helps you to enhance NAS security with an SSL connection in a fast and easy way at zero cost. Moreover, before the Let’s Encrypt issued certificate expires, Certificate Manager can be configured to perform an automatic renewal.

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