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Online Help


Here you can view all the USB printers that are connected to your NAS and their respective printing logs.

Reminder: ASUSTOR NAS supports up to three USB printers.

  • Management: Here you can activate and configure device names for AirPrint. You can send printing instructions from your Apple mobile device to your printer when they are part of the same local area network as your NAS.
  • Eject: Removes and disconnects the USB connection between the printer and NAS.
  • Release: Releases the network connection between the USB IP printer and client (for USB IP Printer mode only).
  • Settings: Here you can specify the printer mode for the connected USB printer.
    • Network Printer: Choose this mode to share the printer over the network. Network Printers can be accessed by multiple users at the same time.
    • USB IP Printer: Some Windows clients might not be able to use printers in Network Printer mode due to Windows system issues. In such a case, you can set the printer to USB IP Printer mode. The client can then use ACC (ASUSTOR Control Center) to directly connect to the USB IP Printer and send printing jobs. This mode only allows one client to connect at a time.
  • Turn off: Disables use of USB printers. (Introduced in ADM 4.2.1)

Reminder: If your device cannot be detected, please try connecting again using another cable or port.