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One Touch Backup

Note: This function may differ depending on the NAS model in use.

One Touch Backup allows you to preset the function of the USB backup button found on the front of your NAS. Here you can designate your preferred backup direction and directory. After setting up One Touch Backup and plugging in an external USB drive to your NAS, you will only have to push the USB backup button to execute your backup job.

  • Transfer Modes:
    • From USB device to NAS: The system will back up the entire contents of the USB drive, based on the existing directory structure, to the NAS folder path that you set.
    • From NAS to USB device: The system will take the contents of the specified NAS directory and, based on the existing directory structure, back it up to the USB drive's root directory.
  • Backup Methods :
    • Copy: If you select this method, your system will copy your data from the back up source to the destination, be it the USB device or your NAS. Files or folders of the same name will be replaced and extra files at the destination will be kept. This method is suitable for one time backups.
    • Synchronization: If you select this method, all the data in the designated destination folder will be synchronized with the data in your source folder. The contents of both folders will be exactly the same. Extra files at the destination will be automatically deleted. This method is suitable for ensuring your most recent data is backed up and for scheduled weekly backups. For example, you may choose to have regularly scheduled backups of your NAS's data so you always keep a USB drive plugged into your NAS for this purpose.
    • Save in new folder: After selecting this method, you will then have to specify a naming format for the new folder. Every time you run a backup job the system will create a new folder according to this format and then proceed to back up your data into the folder. This method is suitable for those who wish to keep complete copies of each backup job, or those who just wish to back up their regular data from external devices onto their NAS. For example, you may back up the data from your work computer onto your USB drive and then proceed to back up the data from your USB drive onto your NAS at home.

About One Touch Backup

Once the USB backup button is held down for 1.5 seconds, One Touch Backup will be triggered. During the backup process, the USB backup LED indicator light will blink continuously. After the backup process has finished, the light will cease to blink and will then return to its previous state. If you wish to disable One Touch Backup, you can adjust the settings accordingly.