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Internal Backup

Internal Backup allows you to backup data from NAS to local shared folders. Using Internal Backup with MyArchive disks creates a perfect off-site backup solution.

  • Use 1 on 1 folder synchronization: If you decide to use 1 on 1 folder synchronization, all the data in the designated destination folder will be synchronized with the data in your source folder (you may only select one folder). The contents of both folders will be exactly the same. If you decide not to use this feature, all your chosen source folders (you may select multiple folders) will be copied one by one to the destination folder.
  • Preferred file permission for all users at the destination: If the ACL status of the source and destination are not the same, this permission setting will be applied to the files at the destination.
  • Keep owner: By default, the owner of the files at the destination will be the user who created the backup job. Enabling this option can allow you to maintain the original ownership of the files at the destination.
  • Supports sparse files replication: You will only need to enable this option when the data that you wish to back up contains sparse files. Normally, you will not have to enable this option.