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Online Help


Note: This function may differ depending on the ADM version in use.

Management: Here you can manage the system HTTP port and auto logout settings. Auto logout will logout users if they remain idle past the specified period of time.

  • System HTTP Port: This is used to specify the port you wish to use to connect to ADM's web based user interface. You can access your NAS by opening a web browser and entering your IP address followed by a colon and the specified port number. For example:
  • Enable HTTP Secure (HTTPS): ADM HTTPS login port. If 'Automatically change HTTP connections to HTTPS connections' is enabled, the web administration page can only be connected to by HTTPS.
    • Minimum security protocol: (Introduced in ADM 4.0)

      Selects the minimum TLS protocol for HTTPS connections. If the TLS protocol version used by a browser does not meet the security settings, a connection will not be established.

  • Time-out timer: For security concerns, users that remain idle past the specified period of time after logging on will be automatically logged off.
  • Trusted Reverse Proxy Server: When connecting to your NAS through a trusted reverse proxy server, ADM will obtain the IP address of the user from that server to help to protect your NAS. (Introduced in ADM 4.2)

Media Mode: Improve multimedia streaming and transcoding performance by enabling Media Mode on your NAS. Media Mode reserves a portion of RAM for multimedia playback.

  • Available on: Drivestor, Drivestor Pro
  • The NAS must be restarted in order for it to enter/leave Media Mode.

Note: If you exit Media Mode, certain Apps or a portion of their functions will become disabled.

Sign In Page Style: Under Sign In Page Style you will be able to configure the following:

  • Login Page Appearance:
    • Background Image: Here you can change the background image of the sign in page. The image formats currently supported are: JPG, PNG.
    • Customized Image: Using the crop function you can configure the position and size of the customized image. The image formats currently supported are: JPG, PNG.
    • Appearance: Choose between dark or light modes for the login page. Auto mode will automatically apply a theme for the OS.
    • Layout: Choose login dialog on the left, middle, or right side of login page.
  • Show time: Displays the current date and time. (Can be modified under Settings Regional Options Date & Time).
  • Show hostname: Displays the name of the NAS. (Can be modified under Settings Network Server name).
  • Show NAS: Displays the image of NAS.
  • App shortcuts: ASUSTOR has simplified the Photo Gallery 3, SoundsGood, LooksGood and Surveillance Center login process by adding a new shortcut option. Users only need to install these Apps and then select option under the settings menu and they will be able to pin these Apps into the ADM login screen. This allows users to skip over the ADM login process and quickly access the dedicated page for the App they want to access, login there and then begin to use the App.
  • System announcement: The system announcement function allows administrators to post or schedule announcements. This replaces the system administrator having to notify users via emails or text messages and can help to quickly get the word out about any important information. Announcements can be configured to be displayed before, after or during log in.

Off-peak Hours: CPU load may be increased during off-peak hours as ADM resizes and converts photos and thumbnails while automatically optimizing system resources. Please create a schedule of which these tasks can be done. (Applicable to ADM 3.5)

  • The nighttime preset sets 6 PM to 8 AM every day as off-peak hours.
  • The daytime preset sets 8 AM to 6 PM every day as off-peak hours.
  • Disable background processing makes all hours peak hours: ADM will resize and convert photos and videos only when accessing photos and videos in File Explorer. This may slow down tasks at inconvenient times.
  • All hours are off-peak hours: ADM may perform these tasks at any time if required.
  • Manually setup off-peak hours: Users can customize their own off-peak hours to do these tasks.

Video: Some browsers do not support certain types of video formats when playing in ADM.

  • Do not convert: ADM will not convert unsupported videos, rendering some videos unplayable in ADM.
  • Automatically convert: ADM will automatically convert and create a compatible copy of one or more videos stored on the NAS to a playable format for easier viewing.
  • Always ask: ADM will not automatically convert unsupported videos, but will prompt the user for conversion upon an attempt at opening a video file.

Note: Conversion times may vary depending on the video format, size and processor speed. Automatic conversion uses NAS resources during off-peak hours.