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TFTP Server

TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) is a simple type of file transfer protocol that is used to transfer configurations or small files, providing no authentication.

  • TFTP root folder: Specifies the folder on the ASUSTOR NAS that TFTP clients can access.
  • TFTP client permission: Specifies the permissions for TFTP clients. If you select "Read Only", TFTP clients will only be able to view the contents of the TFTP root folder. If you select "Read & Write", TFTP clients will be able to modify the contents of the TFTP root folder.
  • Client connections allowed: Selecting "All Connections", will allow all TFTP clients to connect to the NAS. You can also choose to limit connections to TFTP clients from a specified range of IP addresses.
  • Timeout: Here you can specify the timeout time which is used to terminate idle connections, providing an additional later of security.