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Q: Why Does Activity Monitor show a Lower Amount of RAM than what is Installed?



The actual capacity of your NAS’s memory is found in System Information. In ADM’s Activity Monitor, the amount of memory capacity may appear to be lower than reported capacity because ADM reserves part of the system memory to ensure smooth operation of the NAS.

Models supporting Media Mode will reserve more memory. Turning on Media Mode on some ASUSTOR NAS devices reserve a portion part of the memory for use by multimedia apps. If enabled, total available memory in Activity Monitor will be reduced.

Q: How to setup direct connection between the NAS and the PC via a LAN cable



By connecting the NAS to the computer directly via LAN cable, the NAS shell retains its default static IP address which is, configures the PC LAN IP address to the same segment(for example, then you can use ACC to scan and list the directly connected NAS information.