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NAS 234

Introduction to AiMusic

Understand and use the basic functions in AiMusic


Upon completion of this course you should be able to:
1. Understand and use the basic functions in AiMusic.
2. Use AiMusic to play and share music from your NAS.

Course Prerequisites:

Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:


1. Introduction and Install AiMusic

2. Using AiMusic

2.1 Browsing and Playing Music

3. Song Management and Sharing

4. Notes

1. Introduction and Install AiMusic

1.1 Introduction to AiMusic

AiMusic is a mobile music player App developed for music lovers. AiMusic interfaces with the SoundsGood App on ASUSTOR NAS devices to provide users with their very own dedicated mobile music streaming platform.

After enabling EZ-Connect, users can easily connect to their personal music streaming platform from anywhere with Internet access. Even when they are out and about, they will be able to use the AiMusic mobile app to stream music straight from their NAS, taking their entire music collection with them wherever they go.

1.2 Installing AiMusic


  • Android: For Android users, search for and install AiMusic on Google Play.
  • iOS: For iOS users, search for and install AiMusic in the App Store.


  • Open AiMusic on your mobile device. Because you have not yet imported music into SoundsGood, no songs will be viewable in the AiMusic interface.
Android iOS

When you are out and about, you only need to use ADM’s EZ Connect function combined with a Cloud ID and you will be able to remotely play music from your NAS.

2. Using AiMusic

Copying Music to a NAS Folder

You must first import music into the SoundsGood App on your NAS in order to play music with AiMusic. There are two methods that you can use to import music to SoundsGood.

  • Copy your music files (e.g. , WAV, MP3, MP4, and AAC files) to the “Music” shared folder on your NAS.

  • Open SoundsGood and select [Settings] → [Media Source] → [+] to add a new media source to SoundsGood.

Now, open AiMusic and check that music has been imported to its music library.

Android iOS

2.1 Browsing and Playing Music

The left panel provides [Recently Added], [Recently Played], and [Most Played] categories, allowing you to quickly play songs.

Android iOS

The search field allows you to quickly search for any songs or albums you need.

Android iOS

Users can rate each of their songs and add it as a favorite if they wish.

Android iOS

Browsing Through Your Music

  • Via the categories in the main interface, you will be able to quickly find the music that you want to play. In addition to categorizing songs by album and artist, browsing by folder is also supported.
  • Tapping on the album button in the main interface will change the display mode to cover mode.

Album display mode:

Android iOS

Artist display mode:

Android iOS

Folder display mode:

Android iOS

Playing Music

  • Once you find the songs you want, you can simply tap on them to begin playback. Via the playback controls located towards the bottom of the main interface, you can swipe left and right to change between the previous and next songs. (This function is currently only available on iOS)
Android iOS

3. Song Management and Sharing

3.1 Modifying Audio Output Settings

AiMusic supports dual mode streaming, allowing users to select playback via NAS local output to audio output devices connected to your NAS. NAS local audio output is convenient for users who have audio output devices connected to their NAS such as HDMI amplifiers, USB DACs, and USB/Bluetooth speakers. Users can also stream audio to AirPlay audio output devices on their local network as well.

Configuring Audio Output Settings

If you have and HDMI amplifier or USB DAC connected to your NAS you can select HDMI or S/PDIF output. Please tap on the audio output icon and then tap on the [NAS] button. Here, you will be able to select from among any devices that you have connected to your NAS.

Android iOS

Android iOS

Streaming Audio From your Mobile Device to Nearby Devices

You can also stream audio to other devices on your local network. For example, you can open up AiMusic in your bedroom while playing music to AirPlay speakers in your living room. The steps to do this are very simple. Please select [Mobile Device] → [AirPlay] and select from the devices listed (in our example “BridgeCo 01269BC”).

3.2 Sharing Music Download Links with Friends

You can use the “Share to” function to share download links of your favorite songs to your friends on social media platforms such as Line, WeChat, Facebook and more.

Android iOS

4. Notes

Formats Supported by AiMusic:

Supported Audio Formats


Supported Lyrics Add-Ons


EZ-Router WAN Connection Ports for SoundsGood and AiMusic:





8000、8001 (Uses the same ports as ADM Web Service)





Accessing your NAS via the Internet only requires you to enable the EZ-Connect function on your ASUSTOR NAS. If you are unsure about how to do this please see: [ NAS 221 ]

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