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What are the advantages of using an ASUSTOR NAS with retro computers?

Retro computing is a popular hobby that often manifests in three major ways. People use retro computers for collection purposes, nostalgia and gaming with titles not compatible on newer operating systems. An ASUSTOR NAS can keep files related to retro computing, including software, drivers and...

Can I use my ASUSTOR NAS with retro operating systems like Windows 98 and MS-DOS?

Absolutely! As long as a computer's hardware and operating system supports networking and at least one protocol supported by ADM, your retro PC or Mac should be able to connect and access files. Many protocols are either supported natively or with the addition of apps. Windows 95, Windows 98 and...

Can I use NAS as external hard drive?

A NAS can be used as an external hard drive, which means that you can access the data on the NAS's hard drive over a network. When you connect a NAS to your computer, it will be recognized as a network drive, as if you had inserted an external hard drive into your computer. When the NAS is used...

What router models are compatible with ASUSTOR EZ-Router?

For a complete list of compatible routers, please refer to the link below: http://www.asustor.com/service/router?id=router

What kind of external storage devices are supported by ASUSTOR NAS?

For a complete list of compatible external storage devices, please refer to the link below: http://www.asustor.com/service/storage?id=storage&lan=en

How do I choose the right hard disks for my NAS?

ASUSTOR NAS is compatible with large variety of hard disks including the most popular brands on the market. Before purchasing hard disks for your NAS, please make sure that they are compatible. For a complete list of compatible hard disks please check out our hard disk compatibility table:...

Does my NAS support external optical drives such as DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, or CD-RW drives?

Yes, ASUSTOR NAS supports the reading of content from external optical drives. For a list of compatible external optical drives, please click on the link below: http://www.asustor.com/service/opticalDrive?id=opticaldrive&lan=en