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10 Tips for Business NAS
An Enterprise-Class Storage Solution: Meet The Expansion Needs Of Tomorrow, Today

Top flight performance, enhanced productivity

In demanding productivity driven enterprise environments, timely access to data is critical. Every second counts. ASUSTOR NAS uses only the highest quality hardware along with cutting edge software to maintain exceptional performance while offering smooth and stable multitasking. In reviews and performance tests by world renowned media, ASUSTOR NAS has proven to offer superior comprehensive performance that surpasses other products in the same class, emerging as the leader. ASUSTOR NAS is able to maintain smooth data access in demanding multi-user access environments and within iSCSI virtual storage infrastructures enhancing productivity and helping you take your business to the next level.


Cross-platform multi-device access for limitless file sharing

ASUSTOR NAS is suitable for use in hybrid enterprise environments, providing seamless cross-platform and multi-device file sharing that doesn’t stop. No matter if you are using Windows, Mac OS X or Unix-like operating systems, or devices like tablets, laptops or smartphones, you can still enjoy convenient access to the files on an ASUSTOR NAS for easy file sharing and management.


Efficient network management tools

ASUSTOR NAS provides practical network management tools, allowing network administrators to quickly integrate user accounts and access permissions. For example, Syslog Server centrally aggregates system logs from various devices on a network, providing convenient management and enhancing productivity.


Versatile expandability allows your NAS to grow along with your business

ASUSTOR NAS is able to grow along with your business by offering a range of enterprise-class hardware and software expansion possibilities, providing flexibility for businesses to integrate other network devices and equipment for optimal cost-effectiveness.

10GbE card expansion slot
SAS card expansion slot
Memory expansion
Enterprise function expansion

Encrypted storage for safe and secure data

Each ASUSTOR NAS offers military grade AES 256-bit encryption, suitable for use in demanding enterprise environments. Additionally, ASUSTOR NAS also supports hardware encryption* for an optimal balance between overall performance and data security.

*Currently, hardware encryption is available on the 10/31/50/51/61/62/70 series.


Backup and restore: complete backup solutions

ASUSTOR NAS provides complete backup solutions for use in hybrid enterprise environments. You can easily schedule or perform instant backups no matter if you are using Windows, Mac OS X or Unix-like operating systems or devices like tablets, laptops or smartphones. Unique two-way backup functionality also allows each ASUSTOR NAS to act as a passive and active backup server providing added flexibility for deployment in any backup topology. The exclusive mission mode function further ensures the completion of backup jobs, while iSCSI LUN snapshots provides efficient data access and backup management in virtual storage environments.

Windows PC: Backup Plan
Mac: Time Machine
Unix: Ralus


You can also use App Central to integrate popular cloud storage services with your ASUSTOR NAS. These service include Crashplan, ASUS WebStorage, Dropbox, Google Drive, HiDrive and OneDrive.


Exclusive MyArchive storage technology

MyArchive provides unlimited storage for your cold data for allowing for flexible storage management. MyArchive allows users to take less frequently accessed data or highly confidential data and store it independently on a hard disk. When not in use, MyArchive disks can be ejected from the NAS and separately stored, increasing the life of hard disks, saving power and most importantly providing added security for critical data. Every ASUTOR NAS is able to create and read MyArchive hard disks. Users can take their created MyArchive hard disks to any other another ASUSTOR NAS for direct access. This provides a significant boost in transfer speeds when compared with file transfers over a network.


Integrates existing resources, maximizing cost effectiveness

ASUSTOR offers NAS products with the highest price to performance ratio. Each ASUSTOR NAS is equipped with a rich variety of flexible software and hardware expansion possibilities, allowing businesses to integrate existing resources and equipment while creating a multifunctional server.


Hybrid Storage:

An FC SAN infrastructure provides the most stability and best performance, but the cost is extremely expensive. ASUSTOR NAS offers optimal cost-effectiveness, providing a practical alternate storage option for enterprise virtual storage.

Extremely Flexible Storage Management:

Online Capacity Expansion
Online RAID Migration

Seamless System Migration:

ASUSTOR NAS has the fastest system migration mechanism in the industry. Easily upgrade to a new system as your business grows, completing system migration in 3 easy steps.

Create a multifunctional Server

ASUSTOR NAS offers rich variety of services for business users. For the price of one NAS you can create a multifunctional server that is worth much more.


An enterprise-class surveillance system

ASUSTOR NAS's Surveillance Center provides user friendly interface, is compatible with over 700 IP cameras from popular brands and also supports ONVIF Profile S and RTSP, significantly increasing deployment flexibility. 5 easy steps, 4 free camera channels, 3 viewing modes and 2 supported operating systems complete one free surveillance storage solution with optimal value! Furthermore, ASUSTOR NAS is the first in the industry to support the local display of surveillance feeds. All you need to do is connect the NAS to a HDMI monitor and you will be able to view surveillance feeds in real time, saving you the cost of buying a dedicated computer.

Other Features