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Name: Stanley’s Kitchen

  • Location: Taiwan
  • Industry: YouTube
  • Model: Lockerstor 4

“This ASUSTOR NAS does everything. It integrates well with both my home life and professional life and keeps backups of both my memories and my work as a Youtuber.” – Stanley Hsu

About Stanley’s Kitchen

Stanley is a well-known Youtuber in Taiwan. In addition to his interest in food and amateur photography, he also unboxes tech products. Out of a personal interest in in technology, he likes to talk about it in videos that he posts on his YouTube channel in addition to his videos about food.

The Challenge

Since the birth of his first son, Stanley often used his smartphone to document his life every day and the amount of photos grew quickly. In the first year, there were more than four hundred thousand photos taken of a variety of things and often exceeded one Terabyte, making the need for storage capacity urgent. Through a friend’s suggestion, he bought a cloud account that can be paired with a smartphone. Approximately $10 US per month gets him two Terabytes of storage space. After six months of use, Stanley often found that his cloud provider did not always synchronize files properly, resulting in inconsistent databases and often doesn't have time to compare his databases manually.

In addition, because he uses his smartphone to document, he often finds that smartphone storage is not often enough. Stanley needs a storage solution that has enough storage for him to take videos and photos without a fear of insufficient capacity. Currently, he uses his phone’s camera software to synchronize data with his cloud provider and then manually dump phone data once his 128 GB capacity runs out. However it isn’t convenient to do this as the original files will no longer be accessible on his phone.

Stanley quickly realized he needed a fully equipped NAS that can back up his photo and video database. Stanley regards quality as very important due to a hard drive failure ten years ago, and suffered big losses of data. Now he backs up his data on a collection of hard drives and has since learned how to protect his data. All in all, his main demands are high capacity storage, efficient automatic backups, convenient access to files, and the ability to share images with family at any time.

The Solution

Stanley quickly discovered that the Lockerstor 4 with four Western Digital fourteen Terabyte hard drives is a NAS solution essentially tailor-made for him. AiFoto 3 not only synchronizes and automatically backs up photos and videos to a NAS, but is able to view and download photos and videos at any time with an Internet connection. AiFoto 3's automatic upload features help enable protection from data loss due to loss or destruction of the phone. In addition, ADM on the NAS is easy to use with its intuitive UI.


When researching NAS devices, Stanley found the CPU of the Lockerstor 4 runs faster than other products of the same price range. In addition to the increased CPU speeds, the four Gigabytes of upgradeable RAM ensure that every experience is a smooth one. This is great for Stanley, who often needs to deal with a large number of photos and videos and needs to open multiple apps at the same time. The Lockerstor 4 also has two M.2 SSD slots for SSD caching, increasing random performance and reducing IO latency, saving time while transferring files at high speed using the built-in dual 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet ports.

What Changed

Stanley found that the advantages don’t end there. The Lockerstor 4 helped him solve all of his storage issues. In the future, when the hard disk is not enough, he can either replace the hard drives as well as buy the AS6004U expansion unit for more storage bays. When he needs to archive old content that, he also found that MyArchive’s cold backup technology enables him to keep as many archives of his data at any time. With all these features available to him, it is unlikely he will find himself without capacity for the near future.

By signing up and using his ASUSTOR Cloud ID he is able to use the variety of ASUSTOR apps for smartphones to view, control, transfer and edit his work from his smartphone over the Internet. HDMI is also supported to view photos and videos with family at his leisure.

By acquiring a new ASUSTOR NAS, Stanley is now able to keep his YouTube videos and photos backed up and secure. With his four Western Digital fourteen Terabyte drives, he has enough space to keep all of his videos and pictures intact without sacrificing any of them while also having room to upgrade and expand his storage in the future.

ASUSTOR NAS Advantages

  • Backup Plan
  • USB external backups
  • Scheduled backups
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Photo Gallery
  • Wide variety of apps
  • Easy sharing
  • Quiet and efficient