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Higher resolutions, bigger image sensors and cheaper cameras have brought more accessible high quality digital photography and videography, enabling almost anyone to use their talents to become a content creator without the backing of a popular magazine or large studio. For those who have turned photography into a career, raw images are often taken as they include all of the data in an image, enabling easier post-processing. JPEG compression cannot get back detail that is lost due to compression. Generally speaking, the size of a raw file will be between 40 MB and 100 MB, ensuring that a typical shoot can create 100 GB or more of content.

Equipment for video content creation often is at 4K resolutions as of late. It is common for even phones to feature 4K60 recording functionality and with a camera like the Canon 5D Mark IV, productions can accumulate hundreds of Gigabytes after no more than an hour’s worth of work. After returning to the studio, work may be edited directly on the NAS after copying it over or archived for later use. Projects like these can take up to a couple thousand Gigabytes once fully realized.

For a smoother workflow, an ASUSTOR NAS makes storing backups, sharing and workspaces far more efficient than ever before. Share files easily across multiple devices in multiple locations, easily handing files to friends, family and potential clients and business partners.

Content Creation – Dealing with Transfers

High transmission speeds and high capacities are prerequisites for content creators when buying new equipment. Conventional external hard drives or Thunderbolt external hard drives can meet the needs of high-speed file transfers on a single machine, but sacrifices easy file sharing and data protection. External hard drives do not have any backup protections and are vulnerable to loss or damage while being tedious to back up. Collaboration and file sharing is difficult with an external drive as an external drive may only be plugged into one computer at a time and must be unplugged before giving it to another person to share files, making situations like delivery of projects to customers more difficult than is necessary.


ASUSTOR NAS – Better-Than-Ever Speeds

ASUSTOR NAS devices have always been at the forefront of speed, however, with the advent of affordable 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet, ASUSTOR has been first to significantly improve network performance by recognizing important hardware trends. This makes ASUSTOR NAS an even better option for multiple users as all users will be able to access the NAS at high speeds or drive information to one user at extremely high speeds, eliminating bottlenecks.

Please refer to the table below to compare speeds between a variety of hardware environments.

External Hard Drives
External Hard Drives
Type-C / Thunderbolt
External Hard Drives
Speed 57.2 MB/S 596 MB/S 4.8GB/S 119.2 MB/S 298 MB/S 596 MB/S 1.2 GB/S
Transfer times of a 1 TB file 5 h 5 m 25 s  29 m 19 s  3m50s 146 m 36 s  58 m 38 s  29 m 19 s  14 m 40 s
Supports file sharing N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supports automatic backups N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price low low higher lower lower higher higher


With an ultra-high speed ASUSTOR NAS, you’ll be able to achieve greater efficiency whether you are an independent content creator or work with a team. ASUSTOR NAS devices allow multiple users to access files at the same time. In a high-speed network environment, multiple editors can easily access and edit files on the NAS at the same time, ensuring nobody needs to slow down. ASUSTOR also helps content creators by ensuring that is also flexible when expanding storage. When space is no longer sufficient, hard drives can be upgraded easily without turning off the NAS, resulting in zero downtime for projects. ASUSTOR NAS devices also provide easy-to-setup RAID for additional protection by using redundant drives to protect against data loss in the event of hard drive failure. The combination of efficiency, performance and protection ensures that your ASUSTOR NAS is nothing less than a content creator’s best friend.

data_protection RAID

High Speeds and high Capacity Make Your Workflow Efficient

An ASUSTOR NAS is one of the best professional content creator storage devices for design and projects that use Adobe’s award winning ecosystem.
Audio and video creators will find that ASUSTOR’s 10-Gigabit and 2.5-Gigabit NAS devices like the Lockerstor 10 an easy solution for expanding storage space for design software that use apps like Adobe Premiere and Adobe Lightroom. ASUSTOR NAS devices are also flexible, growing with your needs. An ASUSTOR NAS provides the ability to expand hard drive storage in a variety of ways, none of which requires downtime. Simply swap the drives installed for larger ones, add one more to your volume or purchase an AS6004U expansion unit when maximum storage capacity has been reached.


Editing on a NAS

ASUSTOR has multiple high-speed multi-Gigabit Ethernet ports which support one or more people to collaborate without major slowdowns. ASUSTOR NAS devices contain a variety of hardware features to ensure photo, audio and video editing are a smooth experience. An editing team would not need to copy projects to their own computer for editing but instead, would create a media library on the NAS and directly work on projects on the NAS. This reduces space needed on a work PC. Editing and outputting videos on a NAS is smooth experience and videos are ready to be shared almost immediately after completion, increasing productivity and efficiency.