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NAS 235

Introducing Plex Media Server

Learn how to use Plex Media Server on an ASUSTOR NAS



Upon completion of this course you should be able to:
1. Use Plex Media Server to manage and play videos on an ASUSTOR NAS.
2. Play videos from an ASUSTOR NAS on a Chromecast, set top box or smart TV.


Course Prerequisites:

Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:


1. Installing Plex Media Server

2. Managing Plex Media Server

3. Playing Videos on Plex

3.1 Playing Videos on Plex Web

3.2 Casting Videos to a Chromecast

3.3 Playing Videos on a Set Top Box or Smart TV

4. Appendix

1. Installing Plex Media Server


  • Using a web browser, log in to ADM using an account with administrator rights.
  • Search for Plex.
  • Click Plex Media Server and press Install.


  • Locate Plex Media Server on the ADM desktop and click on it to open Plex Media Server.

2. Managing Plex Media Server

  • Open Plex Media Server and sign in or create a Plex account. A Google account, Facebook account or a Plex account is required to continue.

  • Configure desired Plex settings after signing in.

  • Add a new library.

  • Add a library. Additional libraries may be created after initialization.

  • Videos in a folder will appear after setting up a library.

  • 3. Playing Videos on Plex

    3.1 Playing videos on Plex Web

    Plex Web is also installed when installing Plex Media Server. It has the capability to play a variety of types of media from the NAS directly in a modern web browser.

    3.2 Casting Videos to a Chromecast

    An HTTPS connection is required to cast videos to Chromecast. Enter ‘https://NAS IP:32400’ or ‘https://app.plex.tv’ in Chrome to open Plex Media Server and cast videos to a Chromecast after signing in.

  • Click the Chromecast icon on the Plex Media Server page, and then select the Chromecast to cast videos to it.

  • 3.3 Playing Videos on a Set Top Box or Smart TV

    Plex supports a wide range of multimedia players, including, but not limited to Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku devices. Plex also has support for a variety of operating systems including but not limited to Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, PlayStation, Xbox One, and a variety of smart TVs.

    • Download and install the Plex App from the device’s app store or download center.
    • After installation, open Plex and sign in. A 4-digit verification code will appear on the screen.
      Ensure both the set top box or smart TV is on the same network as your NAS.
    • It will ask you to enter a URL into a web browser and sign in with your Plex account to input the verification code.
    • After inputting the verification code, your set top box or smart TV will establish a connection to Plex on your NAS.
    • Select a video in Plex to play it.

    4. Appendix

  • To take advantage of extra features, a Plex Pass account is required. Click GO PREMIUM to purchase a Plex Pass membership.

  • The security certificate of Plex Media Server only works on local networks. To connect to your NAS to stream content remotely with a valid HTTPS certificate, a reverse proxy server is required. To set up a reverse proxy server, please refer to ASUSTOR College 325 – Introducing Reverse Proxies.
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