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At Least Three Copies of Data

Three copies means - One original file + One local backup + One offsite backup


Stored on Two Types of Media

The purpose of storing backup files on multiple types of storage media allows for mitigation of the vulnerabilities of your backup.
Types of storage media include, but are not limited to ASUSTOR NAS and external drives. ASUSTOR NAS devices make it easy to make backups convenient to use and less tedious.


At Least One Offsite Backup

Backups that are stored on local hardware are most vulnerable to fires, floods, hardware damage, theft, human error and malware.
Offsite backups, while presenting their own vulnerabilities, cover these vulnerabilities, ensuring that when one backup goes down, the other two can help restore functionality to normal.
Use your ASUSTOR NAS to conveniently keep data backed up to affordable cloud services and/or MyArchive drives in addition to local backups to ensure data protection.
Click here to learn more about backup methods.


ASUSTOR NAS and 3-2-1 - Part of a Complete Solution

Make your ASUSTOR NAS the center of your 3-2-1 backup solution to keep your data accessible and secure.
There are only two steps needed to begin ensuring data is safe from most practical risks.

  • Step 1: Make a local backup of data
  • Step 2: Store an additional backup of data in an offsite location.

These three copies ensure that they take care of the most likely risks of each backup.

If You're 3-2-1 Compliant then There are No Wrong Answers

Learn more with the included guides down below on how to get started with ASUSTOR to back up and protect your data with 3-2-1.

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Step 1 - Creating a Local Backup

Listed below are three possible methods you can use when selecting an offsite location for your second backup.

Step 2: Backing Up Data to an Offsite Location

After making your initial local backup found in step one, an offsite backup addresses the risks of copies found at the same location.

Case Studies

Keeping Photos Safe

ASUSTOR Backup Plan

Backing up photos with an ASUSTOR is easy. Use AiFoto 3 to automatically upload and back up to your NAS where they are seen in Photo Gallery 3. For an offsite backup, use MyArchive to back up photos to a MyArchive drive and take the drive to an offsite location to complete your 3-2-1 backup solution.

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Archiving and Backing Up Work Files

ASUSTOR Backup Plan

When it comes to work, the files on your computer are important and to keep them safe, they need to be backed up. Use your ASUSTOR NAS to keep your files safe and accessible. Files on your ASUSTOR NAS can be shared with anyone anywhere, while installing Datasync Center or Cloud Backup Center to keep files on an offsite location in the event of data loss through natural disasters.

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Ensuring Data Safety in Content Creation

ASUSTOR Backup Plan

Your ASUSTOR NAS expands your video libraries to tens or even hundreds of Terabytes to make content creation easy. Place your Adobe Creative Cloud projects in the dedicated Adobe Creative Cloud folder and set EZ Sync to that folder to ensure your content is both backed up to your NAS for your local backup and Adobe Creative Cloud as your offsite backup.

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