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Instant wake from System Sleep Mode S3: An industry first, quickly put the system into sleep mode and wake it back up in only 1.5 seconds.

WOW (Wake on WAN)
Always on Standby

Want to access the data on your NAS at any time, but worried that leaving it powered on for a long period of time will result in costly power bills, wear and tear on your hard disks and NAS or that you will become the target of hackers? ASUSTOR has provided the AS11/33/52/53/63/64/65/66/67... series devices with two types of unique network wake (WOL/WOW) functions easing all of the doubts mentioned above! WOL (Wake on LAN) allows you to wake the NAS from sleep mode or when its powered off as long as you are in the same network. WOW (Wake on WAN) allows you to enable all NAS services via the Internet, providing added flexibility for powering on/off the NAS and data access. These two types of network wake functions allow you to save power, extend the life of your NAS and hard disks, and lower your chances of being randomly hacked, ensuring data security.

* Connecting to a VPN or using your NAS as a VPN server may cause Wake on LAN or Wake on WAN to cease to function properly.
wol wow wake on wan

Wake Up From Anywhere

The Lockerstor 8 and 10 feature Wake on WAN technology. No specialized equipment or settings are needed to wake the NAS. Simply use ASUSTOR’s wide variety of mobile apps, including but not limited to AiMaster, AiMusic, AiVideos and AiData to turn the NAS on or off remotely. Wake on WAN helps protect data by keeping the NAS powered off when not in use; thereby helping to prevent attacks, protects data integrity by remaining powered off during power failures and Wake on WAN also saves electricity, making for an even more efficient NAS.

wol wow wake on wan

Use mobile apps like AiMaster to power the NAS on or off.

Helps prevent attacks and protect data.
Power outage management
Saves electricity

ASUSTOR is honoured to sponsor Florian's devotion to environmental protection.

Which ASUSTOR NAS models support WOL (Wake on LAN) and WOW (Wake on WAN)?

  WOL (Wake on Lan) WOW (Wake on Wan)
Series Gigabit Ethernet 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet 10 Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet 10 Gigabit Ethernet
AS7112RDX/AS7116RDX - - - -
AS7110T - -
AS70 - - - - -
AS67 - - - -
FS6712X - - - -
FS6706T - - - -
AS66 - - - -
AS6504RS/AS6504RD/AS6512RD - -
AS65 - -
AS63/64 - - - -
AS61/62 - - - - -
AS52/53/54 - - - -
AS40 - - -
AS33/33 v2 - - - -
AS31/32/31 v2/32 v2 - - - - -
AS1102TL - - - - -
AS11 - - - -
AS10/10 v2 - - - - -

Backing Up Everything to Everywhere

SMB is a network communication protocol common to all major operating systems. Use SMB backup to easily back up data to and from most major operating systems supporting SMB, including, but not limited to Windows, MacOS and Linux. Use SMB Backup inside ADM for convenient backups to and from SMB-compatible devices.

wol wow wake on wan

Ultimate Power Saving: System Automatically Enters Sleep Mode

ASUSTOR NAS offers exclusive support for automatic sleep mode, allowing the NAS to automatically enter system sleep mode after it has been idle for specified period of time. In addition to extending the life of the system and hard disks, this feature can also help you save a significant amount on energy costs.

Asustor NAS 華芸 快速喚醒, 無需等待

Control Your Backups with Frequency Settings

Easily set the frequency of backups during a specific schedule time. Each backup job can be set to run as low as every five minutes, making even the smallest and most mission-critical backup jobs safe, effective and efficient.

Asustor NAS 華芸 快速喚醒, 無需等待, wake on wan