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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a special malicious software which can encrypt your file maliciously and you can’t open your file and losing control for your system or data. You have to pay money to the hacker to get back control for your system and data. Basically, your system or data become a hostage which forced you to pay ransom. This is the reason why it called ransomware.

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How can I protect my data from Ransomware?


Your ASUSTOR NAS comes with a variety of features that help prevent ransomware attacks from taking hold. Features such as Wake on LAN and Wake on WAN that allow you to easily control when your NAS is on and ready. A NAS that is off is far less vulnerable than a NAS that is always on as a powered-down NAS cannot execute code. When your NAS is powered on, ADM Defender, the whitelist and the automatic blacklist ensure that unauthorized attempts to enter your NAS are effectively mitigated.

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The design of an ASUSTOR NAS confers immunity from certain forms of ransomware. ADM, the Linux-based operating system built into every ASUSTOR NAS is, by design immune to Windows and macOS ransomware and malware. The nature of network attached storage also helps provide protection from desktop ransomware as an ASUSTOR NAS is not directly connected to a PC, but indirectly connected through a router. This stops a majority of forms of ransomware. ADM’s support for alternative administrator account names and strong passwords help prevent attempts by ransomware to search and access network shares.

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The Cure

Nobody wants to be infected by ransomware, but it happens. When it comes to data security, prevention is always better than a cure, but when it happens, an ASUSTOR NAS comes to your rescue. If good backup practices have been performed, an ASUSTOR makes your data more than likely easily recoverable. ASUSTOR NAS devices support snapshots on Btrfs volumes and iSCSI volumes, ensuring that if ransomware attacks, changes are reversible. Using your ASUSTOR NAS as a backup tool also ensures data security with the 3-2-1 backup rule and ASUSTOR Backup Plan. Ensure that data is backed up three times on at least two different types of storage media with one being an ASUSTOR NAS and have at least one copy in another location away from potential attacks.

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