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Ultra-quick PC-less installation

Simply install hard disks, connect to the Internet and complete initialization with AiMaster.

Secure storage

ASUSTOR NAS provides AES 256-bit encryption, allowing administrators apply advanced protection to data while configuring access rights.

Centralized backup

You always need to have that extra backup to give you peace of mind. ASUSTOR NAS provides RAID storage technology that allows you to meet both storage and backup needs at the same time, while also integrating a variety of cloud-sync backup tools, centralizing that data you have spread out across your devices.

Access without boundaries

ASUSTOR NAS provides cross-platform and cross-device access via its EZ Connect technology. No matter where you are in the world, all you need is the Internet to access all the data on your ASUSTOR NAS.

Speedy sharing

No more spreading out attachments over multiple emails. With ASUSTOR NAS all you need is a single link!

Ultimate Home Multimedia Center

Enjoy electrifying digital entertainment on demand with ASUSTOR NAS. The built-in HDMI interface and variety of multimedia Apps let you to enjoy all of your favorite multimedia from your NAS by directly connecting it to an LCD/LED TV or amplifier. What's more, through ASUSTOR's App Central, you can install additional multimedia server Apps such as UPnP Media Server and iTunes Server giving your NAS the ability to stream multimedia content to your computers, TVs and mobile devices.

iTunes Server
UPnP Media Server
MiniDLNA Server
Plex Media Server
Local Playback With ASUSTOR Portal

Connect your NAS to your TV via HDMI and get ready to enjoy digital entertainment on your big screen with ASUSTOR Portal. Without needing to turn on your computer, you can watch videos, listen to music, browse the Web and monitor surveillance feeds.

Virtual Box
Surveillance Center

Easy Remote Control

  • Control with the official ASUSTOR Remote
  • Control with the AiRemote mobile app
  • Control with USB keyboard and mouse
Your Dedicated Cinema: LooksGood

LooksGood allows you to browse through all the multimedia content on ASUSTOR NAS series devices, creating a dedicated multimedia database. You can also schedule digital TV recordings, ensuring that you will never miss your favorite shows again. Use Aivideos to browse through the video collection on your NAS. No more waiting for downloads to complete! Simply tap on a video to begin streaming in high definition 1080p to your mobile device!

AirPlay Mirror
Exclusive Hyper-Transcoding Technology

Use Aivideos to browse through the video collection on your NAS. No more waiting for downloads to complete! Simply tap on a video to begin streaming in high definition 1080p to your mobile device!

Transcoding Capabilities
Ultra-Fast Transcoding
Recapture Your Favorite Memories with Photo Gallery 3

The all new Photo Gallery 3 and AiFoto 3 have been revamped and brings a variety of new features to make photo organization easier than ever. New features for Photo Gallery 3 include, but not are limited to custom folder selection, timelines, smart albums, and new photo modes. Easily blow up photos to up to twice their size, play songs on slideshows, performance enhancements and customized share links make for an even better photo viewing and sharing experience.

Non-stop audio enjoyment

Combine your ASUSTOR NAS with a USB DAC, HDMI or S/PDIF output, and your favorite audio player App from App Central to directly play the entire music collection stored on your NAS.

Music Box SoundsGood

Sounds good is a Web music player that can play all the music stored on your NAS over the Internet. Now you can access your music from anywhere and even share your music collection with family and friends. With SoundsGood, each user can have their own personalized music collection and playlists. You can also stream music directly from your NAS to your mobile device after installing the free AiMusic app.

iTunes Server
All Your Music. Everywhere.

Still storing your music and movie collections on different computers? Running out of disk space? iTunes Server is what you need. Now you can store all your music and movies on your ASUSTOR NAS and have them streamed to any Mac or Windows computer within the local network. AirPlay, iOS Remote pairing and playlists are also supported.

Connect Your Amplifier

iTunes Server also works with the amplifier on your home sound system. Use the NAS's HDMI port to connect it to your amplifier and in a snap you'll have a digital stereo system ready with all your favorite songs. Furthermore, you can utilize the iOS Remote app to turn any iOS device into a remote control for your music.

Hi-Res Player for Your DSD Audio

ASUSTOR continues to lead the industry, and is the only brand in the world to support 11.2 MHz high resolution audio output. The Hi-Res Player App combined with the ASUSTOR NAS’ high performance DSD transcoding provide a breathtaking listening experience that allows you to hear the subtle details and full dynamic range of your favorite music as if you were enjoying a live performance. Hi-Res Player also allows you to create a music sharing folder to share your music collection with family and friends.

11.2 MHz
Hight difinition music

The popular online music service Spotifycan also be found on ASUSTOR Portal

Smart Download Center

ASUSTOR NAS features a built-in search engine and multiple smart download functions allowing you to easily find items you need. Have your NAS download items for you when browsing the Web. Manage download tasks from your phone while on the go. Using your NAS for all your download needs has never been this easy.

Download Center
Comprehensive Surveillance System

Worried about leaving your home unattended? Keep an eye on the most important things with Surveillance Center. 4 free camera channels and the easy 5 step quick installation wizard help you get your surveillance system set up in moments.

Other Features