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What's Your Company's Emergency Remote Work Plan?
For many people and employers, a period of remote work is looking increasingly inevitable.
Here is how to and why ASUSTOR make it go easily.

Windows, Mac and Linux

ASUSTOR NAS devices provide seamless cross-platform file sharing, allowing you to easily connect to your NAS device no matter if you are using Windows, macOS, or Unix-like operating systems. Additionally, ASUSTOR NAS devices feature our Network Recycle Bin. Any files you delete will be moved to the Recycle Bin, allowing you to restore any accidentally deleted files. Transfer protocols supported by the Recycle Bin include: CIFS/SMB, AFP, FTP and File Explorer.

The transfer protocols that you may use to connect to an ASUSTOR NAS device are as follows:

  • Windows: CIFS/SMB, FTP and WebDAV
  • macOS: AFP, SMB, NFS, FTP and WebDAV
  • Linux: NFS, SMB, FTP and WebDAV

remote work work remotely NAS

EZ Connect

This function which automatically helps users to easily configure port forwarding services no matter if they are new to NAS or an IT professional. Once a user's Cloud ID has been enabled on an ASUSTOR NAS device, the EZ-Router* service will automatically be enabled in order to complete all port forwarding configurations. Furthermore, during the installation of Apps, any associated port forwarding configurations can also be automatically completed. The manual connection is still provided for users who require the flexibility to configure their own customized settings.
EZ-Router: Please check the compatibility table

remote work work remotely NAS

Connect to Your NAS in 3 Easy Steps

remote work work remotely NAS


  1. Enable EZ-Connect and obtain your Cloud ID
  2. Download and install AEC
  3. Use your Cloud ID to log in


  1. Enable EZ-Connect and obtain your Cloud ID
  2. Download the latest mobile apps
  3. Use your Cloud ID to log in

Secure Access with VPN connections

You can choose to use the VPN client to ensure the security of your connections or use the NAS as a VPN server letting others connect to it. This way, remote users, branch offices, business partners and even employees on business trips can quickly establish secure connections. ASUSTOR's VPN service brings businesses a truly effective solution.
  • Supports commonly used PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec protocols
  • Ability to instantly view connections and disconnect suspicious connections when acting as a VPN server
  • Supports ability to disconnect and automatically connect upon system startup when acting as a VPN client

remote work work remotely NAS

Share Links

Share Links lets you instantly create download links for files that you want to share, allowing you to share files with people who don't have accounts on the NAS. Expiry dates can also be set for each Share Link that you create, allowing for safe and flexible management.When you have multiple files that you wish to share, you can choose to share them via a single Share Link for all the files or via individual Share Links for each individual file.

Asustor NAS 華芸 快速喚醒, 無需等待, wake on wan

Added flexibility for remote access management

ADM further enhances the widely acclaimed Network Defender function. In addition to the existing automatic black list function, a trusted list is now provided. The trusted list can prevent trusted IP addresses from being automatically blocked in the event of too many inadvertent login failures. Furthermore, when manually defining the black and white lists, users can now specify the IP country of origin or area via the Geo IP expansion module in addition to specifying the IP address or segment, providing added flexibility.

Asustor NAS 華芸 快速喚醒, 無需等待

Cross-Platform Multi-User Access

The ASUSTOR NAS provides seamless cross-platform and multi-user access, allowing you to easily connect to your NAS from Windows, macOS or Unix-like operating systems no matter if you are using a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.






Shared Folders


Concurrent Connections

remote work work remotely NAS

File Editing and Project Collaboration

Nextcloud and OnlyOffice make collaborating on projects easier than ever by creating a cloud office suite for offices to work on documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

remote work work remotely NAS

DataSync Center

DataSync Center combines multiple cloud services into a single app. DataSync Center includes, but is not limited to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Yandex and supports multitasking as well as multiple accounts. Control your data with instant and scheduled backups as well as using Cloud Backup Center to create a hybrid cloud that keeps your data online and offline, keeping your data protected.

remote work work remotely NAS

Cloud Backup Center

Cloud Backup Center brings support for various business cloud services including, but not limited to Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Baidu Cloud, IBM Cloud, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage , Alibaba Cloud, SFTP and WebDAV. Control your data with instant and scheduled backups as well as using Cloud Backup Center to create a hybrid cloud that keeps your data online and offline, keeping your data protected.

remote work work remotely NAS


ASUSTOR EZ Sync Learn more about this

  1. All new UI. Simpler and easier to operate. View NAS information quickly.
  2. More complete settings - offering detailed folder lists. Easily select folders and files not in a folder.
  3. Notifications for abnormal status
  4. Support 2-step verification increase account safety.
  5. Improve NAS connecting and file sync system stability for better user experience.

remote work work remotely NAS

Wake Up From Anywhere

The Lockerstor 8 and 10 feature Wake on WAN technology. No specialized equipment or settings are needed to wake the NAS. Simply use ASUSTOR’s wide variety of mobile apps, including but not limited to AiMaster, AiMusic, AiVideos and AiData to turn the NAS on or off remotely. Wake on WAN helps protect data by keeping the NAS powered off when not in use; thereby helping to prevent attacks, protects data integrity by remaining powered off during power failures and Wake on WAN also saves electricity, making for an even more efficient NAS.

remote work work remotely NAS

Enterprise Versatility

ASUSTOR NAS offers rich variety of services for business users. For the price of one NAS you can create a multifunctional server that is worth much more.

remote work work remotely NAS

App Central

Unleash the unlimited potential of an ASUSTOR NAS. The applications that come pre-installed with each ASUSTOR NAS device are just the beginning. At your convenience, browse through and download any applications that pique your interest from App Central. Whether your interests lie in business, website construction or digital home entertainment, App Central has you covered. With over 200 unique apps, App Central provides you with a virtually boundless variety of applications that to satisfy your digital lifestyle needs. Explore the virtually unlimited potential of your ASUSTOR NAS while creating a personalized experience for yourself.

remote work work remotely NAS

Mobile Apps

ASUSTOR’s exclusive EZ-Connect technology allows you to connect to your NAS from anywhere with your Android or iOS device to securely access, download, upload and share files and information. ASUSTOR mobile apps securely protect your privacy and data by requiring passwords in order to protect your privacy and data. You can also make use of HTTPS connections for even more added security.

remote work work remotely NAS

First-Class Product Warranty

All ASUSTOR NAS products come with a 3-year warranty. ASUSTOR continues to make customer service a priority in providing the highest standard of after-sales service and technical support.

Asustor NAS 華芸 快速喚醒, 無需等待

How to remotely access your ASUSTOR NAS without the hassle? (EZ Connect)