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NAS, also known as network attached storage is a private storage device that can be placed at a home or office. It is a small computing appliance that connects to your router or switch and allows for data storage by one or more users from a variety of computing devices including, but not limited to computers and smartphones. Use a web browser to store important files, photos and videos in a NAS, which can then be accessed, stored and shared with other people.

What Are the Benefits and Uses of a NAS?

Home users

1 Saving and Protecting Your data

ASUSTOR NAS devices support a wide variety of platforms with a web browser, including but not limited to personal computers and smartphones.


2 Backup center – Easily and Automatically Back Up Your Data

Quickly back up important data from smartphones and computers to your NAS. An ASUSTOR NAS also provides increased security through a variety of features that include but are not limited to snapshots, RAID and NAS to NAS backups.


3 Video Streaming and Playback

Watching stored videos on a NAS is easy and can done on a computer, smartphone or set top box. ASUSTOR NAS devices with transcoding will automatically convert the files to the appropriate resolution designed for the device to ensure smooth playback on almost any type of screen.


4 Secure

ASUSTOR NAS provides folder encryption to provide you with the security and privacy you need. All data stored in an encrypted folder will be automatically encrypted and protected by the highest standards. If you lose your NAS or hard drives, important data is protected from falling into the wrong hands.