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ASUSTOR Advanced Replacement Service (ARS)

How to apply for the ASUSTOR ARS?

An interruption caused by an unexpected hardware failure can be cost to businesses money. ASUSTOR strives to keep service interruptions to a minimum. ASUSTOR’s ARS, after approval, sends out a replacement unit before a defective unit is returned. Learn how to apply for the ASUSTOR ARS with the information below.

Requirements for eligibility are below:
1. You must purchase ASUSTOR products from an authorized US dealer or retailer in order to use the ARS.
2. ASUSTOR ARS is limited to the forty-eight states of the contiguous United States.
3. ASUSTOR ARS is currently limited to the Lockerstor 10 Pro, Lockerstor 12RD, Lockerstor 12R Pro and Lockerstor 16R Pro (AS7110T, AS7112RDX, AS7116RDX, and AS6512RD).

To apply for the ASUSTOR ARS, please follow the instructions below.

1. Email support@asustor.com or call the customer service hotline at (909) 465-5688.

2. With the assistance of ASUSTOR’s support team, if a hardware fault has been found, an application for the ARS may be opened.

3. Fill in the ARS application form and an ASUSTOR support team member will contact you to confirm and send a replacement unit.

4. After reception of the replacement unit, the faulty unit must be returned within fifteen (15) days.