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Company Background

Parktron is a Taiwan based company and manufacturer providing automated parking product systems and solutions to help manage parking facilities easily and efficiently. Parktron works closely with local distributors in different countries and regions to serve its customers. Parktron is also experienced with parking projects that require integration with other systems including CCTV, DVR, LPRS or shopping discount, hotel management systems.

Challenges and Solution

In order to meet the demands of large scale public transportation projects that require modern ticketless parking systems, Parktron implements their intelligent license plate recognition system and eTag advanced intelligent parking management system. Older analog systems are digitized into systems that run over IP networks. For the main systems and databases for each server on the system, Parktron has chosen to use NAS as a backup solution in order to limit system reset time should the parking system malfunction.

Advantages of an ASUSTOR NAS Solution

“According to our project requirements, we borrowed products from three well-known SMB NAS companies for testing,” said Nick Lai, Assistant Manager at Parktron. “The products were tested with regards to ease of hard disk installation, ease of system installation and configuration, software interface, degree of detail in the information provided, after-sales service and price. A comparison chart was created for the two weeks of use and testing, with the results being assessed by the project manager and associated managers to determine the final decision. In the end, ASUSTOR’s AS5004T was selected for use as the backup solution for the project.”

Easy installation of hardware and software
“During our assessment of the testing results, ASUSTOR NAS’s easy setup and intuitive interface allowed it to stand out amongst the other products,” said Tony Tsai, R&D Engineer at Parktron. ASUSTOR’s AS5004T come built-in with the ADM operating system. Users simply need to install hard disks into the NAS, power the NAS on and then follow the instructions provided by the quick installation wizard. System initialization, RAID volume creation and ADM installation and configurations can be completed in 3 easy steps that take just over a minute.
Provides detailed information

ASUSTOR’s ADM operating system interface has an extremely user friendly design. Each function is shown graphically, is easy to understand in one glance, and effortless to use. For example, when needing to configure backup jobs, users can select “Backup & Restore” or if needing to configure user access permissions, users can select “Access Control”. Users can also select “Activity Monitor” to view the system status. Each function is clearly shown on the ADM desktop for easy access. Parktron also specifically recommends the built-in Dr. ASUSTOR function which performs general checkups on all settings. If certain settings are found to be compromising the security of your system or data, Dr. ASUSTOR provides the appropriate set of instructions to fully restore security and protection, maintaining system stability. Additionally, during the evaluation process, Parktron also discovered ADM provides “Online Help” which can be quickly used to find explanations and appropriate help for all NAS functions. A large variety of tutorial documents and videos are also available online, while technical support responses are very fast, giving users additional peace of mind when using ASUSTOR NAS devices.

Outstanding value and 3-year warranty

ASUSTOR NAS uses high-end hardware specifications and a premium quality operating system, providing a high degree of functional expandability via App Central, which users can use to download and install free NAS Apps. ASUSTOR NAS also provides a variety of I/O connection ports for hardware expansion. ASUSTOR’s online compatibility tables list a wide range of compatible accessories and devices which can be used in conjunction with ASUSTOR NAS devices, saving device costs on the client side. “Compared to other products, ASUSTOR NAS devices stand out due to their 3-year warranty and attractive price. This combination provides outstanding value, making ASUSTOR the optimal choice,” adds Nick Lai.