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entrymedia Co.,Inc.


  • Location:Poznań, Polish
  • Model: AS6204T

The Challenge

Located in Poznań, Entrymedia is a well-known Polish PR agency focused on promoting brands from consumer electronics, gaming peripherals and new technologies industries.
Administration files, including personnel files and other sensitive data, needed to be kept on a separate server where unauthorized people could not access it. Therefore, the storage device that these administration files were stored on needed to have access controls that were easy enough for the management team to set up and control. Most importantly, the information needed to be safe. It would be disastrous to Entrymedia if they were to lose any of the data. They needed to keep their data secure and operations running smoothly. They were looking for a reliable storage device that would not give them any technical difficulties.


The Solution

In order to improve workflow and share files among colleagues, Cezary Górny ( Entrymedia CEO ) decided to look into a NAS solution. After seeing many positive reviews and looking through the ASUSTOR product line, Cezary decided on the ASUSTOR AS6204T. The company was able to organize and secure their files while having full control over who can access different database sections within the device.

For external file sharing, Entrymedia uses the “DataSync for Dropbox” App to link the AS6204T with their Dropbox account. Data is uploaded to the NAS via their fast local network and then automatically synchronized to Dropbox in the background. Not only do the Dropbox copies of files serve as an offsite backup but they also ensure that files are readily sharable whenever a client request comes in. Dropbox on ASUSTOR NAS devices also supports simultaneous multi-user usage and separate data storage for all users providing convenience and privacy. As the AS6204T features DLNA/UPnP support, Entrymedia has decided that there is no need to place dedicated PCs in their meeting rooms. Staff members can easily stream multimedia directly from the NAS to present to clients on the flat TV screens in the meeting rooms. This saves time that was previously needed to set up PCs. Additionally, when combined with compatible apps, multimedia from the NAS can also be streamed to mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc.) to effortlessly display work from projects and cases.

Entrymedia has integrated the ASUSTOR AS6204T as a perfect storage unit for user-generated data. Much to their satisfaction, this is also a solution with many enterprise grade features that ensures maximum uptime and the highest performance. ASUSTOR  products offer centralized storage, comprehensive backup functionality, multimedia support and most importantly, high performance that saves considerable amounts of time during file transfers.


Advantages of an ASUSTOR NAS Solution:

  • Quad-core processor and 4GB of dual channel memory for stable performance and high speed transfers
  • User-friendly ADM interface that is easy to use for novice users
  • Features both high storage capacity and data protection
  • Easily manageable, secure and convenient Share Links for file sharing
  • Rich variety of over 200 ASUSTOR Apps to increase and customize functionality
  • Support for high capacity 10TB drives
  • Ability to sync NAS with Dropbox for offsite backup and true cloud storage convenience
  • Turn the NAS into a multimedia center via DLNA plug and play and UPnP Media Server to stream multimedia content to TVs and mobile devices