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colorex Co.,Inc.


  • Location : Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz), Spain
  • Industry: Digital printing
  • Model: AS6204T

“We are extremely satisfied with the AS6204T. This NAS meets all of our requirements while providing speedy and reliable service. It has permanently changed our workflow process for the better. We highly recommend the use of ASUSTOR NAS devices for all offices!” - COLOREX LAB


Colorex Lab is a photographic laboratory that provides services to professional photographers when it comes to materializing their work either into digital albums or original handmade formats.
Due to their activities, they have to transfer a large number of files of considerable size which have to go through different processes within the same company. When a department has finished with its work it has to save it to a USB thumb drive or external hard disk and then pass it on to the next department to continue with the work process. The method in which these files were transferred between departments was neither fast nor convenient.


To solve this problem, the company technician thought of implementing a NAS as a network storage solution. Since they were going to need enough storage space, and wanted fluid performance for a working environment with 4 designers, the technician decided to incorporate an AS6204T, and 3 HDDs of 6TB each creating a RAID 5 storage volume with 12TB of storage space.

Through folders created within the NAS and shared between different users, Colorex created a networked line of work. The images they work on are housed inside the NAS server and each user works on them according to the order of processes that must be followed. Once an image is finished, it can be stored in a specific folder. The folders are structured by volume according to each process, and within each volume by name and date of the project, so that it is very easy to find specific information. For all of these folders and files they can set user privileges to restrict access to each of them, as well as create temporary links to share with their customers.

These links are created using the Share Links function which lets users instantly create download links for files that they want to share, allowing users to share files with people who don't have accounts on the NAS. Expiry dates can also be set for each Share Link that is created, allowing for safe and flexible management. When users have multiple files that they wish to share, they can choose to share them via a single Share Link for all the files or via individual Share Links for each individual file.

Colorex has also discovered that the MyArchive function is suitable for storing the finished projects that they have accumulated over the years. The MyArchive function allows for the use of hard disks as removable storage archives. Whenever users need to access the archived files, they can just plug the MyArchive disk into the NAS and they will be able to access files in no time. They can conveniently plug in a MyArchive disk when they need it and swap it out for a different disk when needed. Additionally, MyArchive disks can be encrypted by password, importing an electronic encryption key, or binding a USB device as a physical encryption key if needed, allowing for secure data storage.

In terms of storage capacity, a 4-bay NAS meets the requirements of Colorex at the present time. However, should they need a larger capacity device, all of their data can be migrated to a new device without any problem using ASUSTOR’s seamless system migration.

Colorex is very satisfied with the AS6204T, as it meets all of their requirements while providing speedy and reliable service. This NAS device has permanently changed their workflow process for the better. Colorex highly recommends the use of a NAS for all offices.

Advantages of an ASUSTOR NAS Solution:

  • Product comes from ASUS, a prestigious technology brand.
  • Stable performance and speedy transfers.
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to use for novice users.
  • Features both high storage capacity and data protection
  • Permissions configurations for effective access management
  • Convenient Share Links for file sharing
  • Seamless system migration makes it easy to change devices
  • Hot-swappable MyArchive disks for offline data storage.
  • Rich variety of ASUSTOR Apps to increase and customize functionality