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  • Location: Japan
  • Model: AS4004T

"It’s clear that increased transfer speed after using an ASUSTOR AS4004T is because it supports 10-Gigabit Ethernet. The AS4004T solves problems of insufficient storage capacity and slow transfer speeds, because files can be quickly copied and transferred for archival purposes, and edited images can be managed directly. Making new content, such as video production has become far more efficient for me."-Coffee, Japanese YouTuber

A Japanese YouTuber, named Coffee, produces and broadcasts podcasts on a channel named House of Electrical Appliances. Since 2009, this channel mainly introduces home appliances, cloud services and other content and has consistently been in the Top 20 iTunes. In addition, Coffee also has his own channel, which is named "INST チ ャ ン ネ ル" on YouTube. This channel mainly introduces concepts like shooting and editing videos. The channel has won praise from those who want to start their own podcasts or YouTube channels. On a video, Coffee shares his true feelings about products by reviewing a product from the perspective of a consumer, conveying information of value to his viewers, which his viewers find useful.
Podcast channel

The Challenge

With improvements in audio quality and video quality, podcasts, YouTube videos and photos have made demand for capacity. Especially for 4K videos, a file could be up to several Gigabytes. Computers only equipped with SSDs often lack the capacity to store a high amount of these files. Recent models of NAS devices only featuring Gigabit connections are also slower, making the storage of these larger files harder and more time consuming.

The Solution

With some computers unable to install more than one hard drive and limited amounts of USB ports, there isn’t enough space to store all of his photos and videos. This makes management efficiency not as good as it should be. Coffee needs a high-capacity solution that is to manage all of his data. However, buying high-capacity hard drives one at a time is not economical and unsafe. With an AS4004T NAS, Coffee was able to add hard drives in a RAID array, helping to protect his files in the event of hard drive failure while also keeping an option to upgrade the storage with ASUSTOR’s built-in online hard drive upgrade utilities.

Why Choose an ASUSTOR NAS:

  • A 10-Gigabit-enabled NAS is required for speeds faster than Gigabit. ASUSTOR has several models available that are compatible with 10-Gigabit.
  • An ASUSTOR NAS is easy to use even without professional knowledge.
  • ASUSTOR's official website is available in multiple languages with complete information. Every ASUSTOR NAS comes with a three year warranty for peace of mind.

  • ADM supports a variety of languages and installation is easy. Dr ASUSTOR provides diagnostics, which scans your NAS for issues. An ASUSTOR NAS allows for easy migrations between NAS systems. When purchasing a new ASUSTOR NAS, simply turn off the previous NAS and transport the hard drives in the same order to the new NAS.


The increased speeds after using the 10-Gigabit Ethernet-enabled AS4004T make work more efficient than ever before. The AS4004T solves both issues of insufficient storage capacity as well as limited speeds, making podcasts and YouTube video production even more efficient. For high-capacity files such as 4K videos, centralized management of edited image files is made easy.
Although the AS4004T is a four bay model, it is not necessary to install four hard drives as the NAS supports installation of one, two or three hard drives. Installation of newer drives to expand an installed volume is seamless. In the future, Coffee intends to make full use of the high speed integrated 10-Gigabit Ethernet port as well as take advantage of ADM’s stability on the AS4004T to make regular backups of important work, ensuring the security of his data.

Watch Coffee’s video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnonAssUazU&t=189s


ASUSTOR NAS Advantages:

  • Backup Plan
  • Backups on USB drives
  • Scheduled backups
  • Easy to learn interface
  • Photo Gallery for quick sharing
  • A full range of mobile apps
  • Quiet and efficient