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Company Background
BCCHardware is a technology news source that also performs in-depth product reviews. We host and sponsor a local gaming event (LAN Party) called VulcLAN (www.vulclan.com) where we have gamers come from up to 500km away to participate in tournaments and game with their online friends.
At these gaming events, sharing files, game patches, drivers and other downloads is important, and leaving your computer’s network shares open is not an option with so many machines. In order to have your personal files securely stored, you should not enable file sharing on your PC. Files need to be distributed across the network quickly, but without a solid file server, it is difficult.
Solution Needed
We needed a solution at VulcLAN that would provide 40-50 people access to files on the network that would include both reading and writing to the public share. We have used different solutions in the past, but some entry level units simply could not keep up to the demand of 10+ users, let alone 40+.
Advantages of an ASUSTOR NAS Solution
The ASUSTOR AS5004T was used at our event and is ideal. It is very cost effective as the price is quite low when compared to other competitive NAS products. In addition to the low price, the AS5004T comes with a Dual-Core Celeron processor (not Atom processor) and this gives it more power to handle the load we would be putting on the product. With so many users installing games, patching their drivers, copying their game profiles and more, we really needed a solid product and the AS5004T lived up to our expectations and exceed them on all accounts. Even with a high load, we saw incredible performance with a four-drive RAID 5 array. We used ALB to maximize the performance of the dual Gigabit Ethernet ports on our 1GB managed network. With such a great network provided by Trendnet and such a fantastic NAS with the ASUSTOR AS5004T, users had a great experience. Since the event, several people have contacted me about the NAS we used and have ordered their own. ASUSTOR promises big and delivers even bigger.