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Roon Server asustor NAS App

Roon Server


Roon organizes your personal music files, TIDAL streams, and internet radio stations and adds rich data like artist photos, bios, tour dates, lyrics, credits, and more.

Using Roon Server with remote apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android you can stream audio around your home to Sonos, AirPlay, Squeezebox, and Roon Ready devices.

Was ist neu bei dieser Version?

- fixed a bug which prevented the user to set Roon Servers database location
- updated Roon icons

- Fixed security issue.
- Minor fixes and adjustments

- No need to reauthorise Roon Server after reboot (RoonServer 1.7 - build 571 or higher)
- Minor fixes and adjustments

- No to have entware as a dependency anymore, because Bash is bundled now with the app.
- bundled bash will only be used if no other bash is available at /bin/bash.
- Fixed and enhanced some log messages.

- RoonServer will be dowloaded after App installation.
- Everything implemented.
- Directory picker uses php function again.
- Links to github implemented.

- Still uses Asustor API to select storage path for Roon Server's database
- Download of log files function not yet possible

First submission.
- Currently uses php to create a a folder tree in the web ui. This will be changed to the API using fileExplorer.cgi.
- Log download and Re-Download of RoonServer binaries not yet implemented.
- currently requires entware and ffmpeg as a dependency.

Roon Server asustor NAS App