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Docker-ce asustor NAS App



Docker Community Edition (CE) is ideal for developers and small teams looking to get started with Docker and experimenting with container-based apps.

Was ist neu bei dieser Version?

ver. 19.03.8.r5

- To improve security, now default docker port can only be local access only.

ver. 19.03.8.r4

- Add Docker Compose 1.25.4.

ver. 19.03.8.r3

- Update docker-ce to latest official release 19.03.8.
- This version fixed several security issues, please refer to the followings release notes.

ver. 18.06.3.r5

- Fixed issues that some devices cannot update to newer version.

ver. 18.06.3.r3

- Fixed issues that some Docker Apps cannot be launched in some devices.

ver. 18.06.3.r2

- Update to v18.06.3

ver. 18.03.1.r5

- Update for adding docker compose.
- Miscellaneous minor issues fixed.

ver. 18.03.1.r1

- Update App version
- Fixed issue that VPN will fail to connect sometimes in ver. 17.06.1.r2.

ver. 17.06.1-ce.r5

-initial release