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CrashPlan asustor NAS App



CrashPlan - Endpoint Backup + Restore

Silently, continuously back up every version of every file, on laptops and desktops, at home and at work.

In order to configure the backup engine, you will need to connect using the CrashPlan user interface from another system (Windows, MAC, Linux).

On your PC, install CrashPlan from https://www.code42.com/store/ (Use Version 4.5.0)

Stop the CrashPlan User Interface on your PC.

Disable and Enable the CrashPlan App in Asustor's App Central (Restart the App).

Find the .ui_info file on your PC and make a backup. (on Windows 10, installed for all users, this is at C:\ProgramData\CrashPlan\.ui.info)

To locate .ui_info for various systems, please refer to: this link

Now replace the contents of this file with the details from the file found on your NAS Public share at Public/crashplanservice/.ui_info.
(you need to edit this file as administrator, so start wordpad as administrator and then open this file from wordpad)... you may need to enable hidden files on your system.

The format of this file is
you need to change the key to that found in your NAS's .ui_info file, and change the ip to the address of your NAS.

Find the ui.properties file on your PC (Found in the CrashPlan conf directory) On Windows = C:\Program Files\CrashPlan\conf\ui.proprties

Edit the ui.properties file and Uncomment the 'serviceHost' line by removing the bracket (#) at the start of the line and change to the IP address of your NAS (for instance

Open CrashPlan on your PC. The GUI will show CrashPlan on the NAS instead of the configuration on your local computer. Configure what to backup, where, when etc.

When you're done configuring CrashPlan on the NAS, you can change the ui.properties file back to the way it was (#serviceHost= and restore your original .ui_info

The next time you open up the CrashPlan GUI on your PC, you will see the configuration of your local computer again, instead of the NAS config.

What's new in this version?

V 1.2: Updated to version 4.5.0

V 1.1: Added Support for ARM.

V 1.0: Initial release. Please report any problems experienced.

CrashPlan asustor NAS App