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NAS tutorial - ASUSTOR College

Interested in learning more about your ASUSTOR NAS?

ASUSTOR College provides a variety of easy-to-follow courses that allow you to quickly learn more about your NAS. Courses are classified according to difficulty level and topic allowing you to select the appropriate course for your knowledge level and needs.

Level: 1

NAS 151
Learn how to remove existing NAS login credentials from Windows.
NAS 159
A course about using Time Machine in conjuction with your NAS and a multi-user environment.

Level: 2

NAS 250
Learn how to use DataSync Center to sync files with cloud storage.
NAS 251
An overview of RAID and creating RAID volumes on the NAS.
NAS 252
Learn how to use Snapshot Center for data backup, restore and management
NAS 253
Learn how to use Backup Plan with your ASUSTOR NAS.
NAS 254
Learn to use Cloud Backup Center to backup data from your ASUSTOR NAS to Amazon S3.
NAS 255
Create and use a MyArchive hard drive
NAS 257
Backup data to and from your NAS using FTP
NAS 259
Learn how to create and execute Rsync backup jobs to a remote ASUSTOR NAS.

Level: 3

NAS 351
An overview of some of the different Rsync usage scenarios when used in conjunction with your NAS.
NAS 352
Learn how to migrate storage volumes to a higher RAID level and expand their storage capacity.
NAS 353
Mitigate ransomware and malware risks