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NAS 250

Introducing DataSync Center

Learn how to use DataSync Center to sync files with cloud storage.


Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

1. Understand DataSync Center’s features.
2. How to sync data between a NAS and cloud storage.



Course Prerequisites:


Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:


1. Understand DataSync Center
Datasync Center combines multiple cloud services into a single app. Datasync Center supports uploading, downloading and synchronizing between your NAS and cloud storage space. Datasync Center also supports multitasking, multiple accounts and scheduling of backups. DataSync Center supports ASUSTOR NAS(EZSync), Google, Dropbox,Yandex, Baidu Netdisk and OneDrive.
1.1 Installing DataSync Center
Download and install DataSync Center from App Central and open it.

2. Using DataSync Center

2.1 Setting up DataSync Center
Open DataSync Center. Press start.

2.2 Cloud storage options

Datasync Center supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Baidu Netdisk and OneDrive. Detailed instructions for each service is found on the ASUSTOR website. For the purposes of this guide, Google Drive will be used.

2.3 Click Authorize

2.4 Choose an account

2.5 Grant permissions to DataSync to access your Google Account

2.6 Creating a new task

DataSync Center supports one way downloads and uploads, or two way synchronization.

2.7 Set a local path on your NAS and a remote path that would be found your Google Drive.

Synchronizing the root of remote Google folder will sync all data but disable subfolder tasks.

2.8  Choosing a sync folder

Select files and folders. Click next.

2.9Scheduling synchronizations

DataSync Center supports scheduled synchronizations. Paused times will not allow data to be synchronized.

2.10 Setting up filters

  A variety of options for size, names and file type filters are available.

2.11 Confirm settings.

2.12 Upon completion

Click Add to create additional synchronization tasks.

To add additional cloud services, click the plus icon on the bottom left corner

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