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NAS 351

Remote Sync (Rsync): Best Practice

An overview of some of the different Rsync usage scenarios when used in conjunction with your NAS.


Upon completion of this course you should be able to:
1. Have an understanding of some of the Rsync usage scenarios with ASUSTOR NAS

Course Prerequisites:
NAS 259: Using Remote Sync (Rsync) to Protect your Data
Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:
Using Rsync with an ASUSTOR NAS

1. Rsync – Best Practice
1.1 Centralized backup (for multiple sites)
1.2 Offsite backup

1. Rsync – Best Practice

In the following examples we will introduce you to a couple of best practice scenarios using Rsync in conjunction with ASUSTOR NAS.
1.1 Centralized backup (for multiple sites)
An ASUSTOR NAS can be used as a centralized backup server for multiple sites. Centralized backup can be executed in the following two ways:
A. Pull Backup

In “Pull Backup” data from multiple sites is “pulled” onto the centralized backup server (NAS) for backup. The backup jobs are all initialized by the centralized backup server. The centralized backup server is able to schedule backup jobs at different times, thereby avoiding potential congestion and bandwidth issues.

B. Rsync Server
In “Rsync Server” the NAS acts as a centralized Rsync backup server. The backup jobs are all initialized by their respective sites. The potential disadvantage of this setup is that too many sites initiating backup jobs simultaneously could lead to congestion and bandwidth issues.

1.2 Offsite backup
Data from your NAS can be backed up offsite to a remote site for extra security. You can use the [Remote Sync] function found under the [Backup & Restore] system app to back up your NAS to either another ASUSTOR NAS or an Rsync compatible server. The main purpose of offsite backup is for disaster recovery in the event of environmental disasters, theft, and hard disk or other mechanical failures. With data already backed up offsite, disaster recovery efforts should be uncomplicated and straightforward.

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