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Q: How do I access files on my NAS from within my local network via NFS?


In order to access files on your NAS via NFS you will first have to enable NFS service before connecting to it. Please follow the steps below to enable NFS service.

Enabling NFS service on Your NAS

1. Log into ADM and then select [Services] -> [NFS]. Select the [Enable NFS service] checkbox and click [Apply]. Click on the provided link to configure NFS privileges.

2. The Shared Folders section should now be visible. Select a folder (in our example, “Public”) and then click on the [Access Rights] button. Then click on the [NFS Privileges] tab.


3. Click the [Add] button in order to add IP addresses that you wish to allow access via NFS. Once you are finished, click [OK].

You are now ready to connect to your NAS using via NFS. Please follow the steps outlined below to connect to your NAS.

Connecting via NFS

1.   In the Linux command prompt, enter the following command:

mount -t nfs:/

For example, if the IP address of your NAS is, you must mount the “Public” network drive to Linux’s /mnt/pub directory, then enter the following command:

mount -t nfs  /mnt/pub


Note: You must be logged in using the root account in order to mount a network drive.

You can also refer to our college course about NFS mount:


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