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Q: How to connect an IP camera to Surveillance Center with Generic RTSP?


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To connect an IP camera, please first find the correct RTSP path (URL)* of the camera.

* You should be able to get this information from camera vendors. If you are unable to get this information, you may use the sites listed below for reference:


Step 1

  • Go to Surveillance Center Settings Camera and click [Add].

Step 2

  • Select the option that allows you to enter the camera information manually.

Step 3

  • For [Brand] select [User-Defined] and for [Model] select [RTP over RTSP (TCP)] or [RTSP and RTP over HTTP].
  • Input the following information for the rest of the fields:
    • IP/Host: Camera's IP or Host
    • Port: Camera's HTTP port (normally 80)
    • RTSP Path: If you find the RTSP path info as [rtsp://ip_adx/channel1], then you should input [channel1] for this field.
    • RTSP Port: The RTSP port (normally 554). If you have selected [RTSP and RTP over HTTP] for [Model], this field will not appear.
    • Username/Password: Camera's administrator username and password.

Step 4

  • Click [Test] and see if the configurations are working properly.
  • If you see a green check mark, then it should be working properly.

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