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Q: Can my NAS play Direct Stream Digital (DSD) files?


Yes, ASUSTOR NAS supports Direct Stream Digital (DSD) files for a breathtaking listening experience! DSD audio files can be played via the Hi-Res Player App. When playing DSD files, we recommend that users connect a compatible USB DAC to their NAS and have it directly play the DSD audio.

Please follow the steps below to setup the Hi-Res Player App on your NAS.

1. Log into ADM and select [App Central]-> [All Apps]. Search for Hi-Res Player and then click on [Install].

2. After installation has completed, you will be able to see the Hi-Res Player icon on the ADM desktop. Click on the icon to start Hi-Res Player. Next, click on the settings icon to change audio outputs. Please select your USB DAC. (Make sure your USB DAC is connected to your NAS. In this example, we have selected “iFi nano iDSD”)


1. DSD supports DSD64, DSD128, and DSD256. However, support for these DSD file formats will depend on the USB DAC in use and its support of DoP (DSD over PCM).

2. When playing DSD files, please only enable audio output for the DAC (disable ALSA and HTTP streaming).

For the USB DAC compatibility list, please click on the link below:


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