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Q: How do I stream videos smoothly with LooksGood/AiVideos?


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Please use a compatible Web browser when using LooksGood. LooksGood supports Windows Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers.

More information about LooksGood, AiVideos, please kindly refer to the links below:

Video Transcoding for a Smoother Playback Experience

Real-time hardware transcoding using Intel processors on ASUSTOR NAS devices allow video files that are not supported by the playback device to be first converted into a playable format before being sent to the playback device. With such powerful hardware, even real-time transcoding of 1080p high resolution video files is a piece of cake. If bandwidth issues cause playback to become choppy, you can always adjust the resolution of the video stream to create a smoother playback experience.

Supported formats for streaming playback and transcoding on ASUSTOR NAS are as follows:


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