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Media Review

40 Awards
Gold Award asustor NAS

HardwareCooking, France


Gold Award

"For those looking for a NAS for backup, shared storage and easy to use, this NAS AS1002T v2 is a good option. Moreover the number of applications proposed by ASUSTOR is rather nice, not to mention the regular updates of ADM. For further use, it will certainly move to more powerful models, but to beg ... "

Review asustor NAS

The Streaming Blog, Australia



"Overall, if you’re someone searching for a file storage that provides you with excellence, efficiency, and entertainment as well, then we highly recommend the AS1002T V2 from ASUSTOR. "

Silver Award asustor NAS

Vonguru, France


Silver Award

"Simple and fast storage with ASUSTOR AS1002T v2 "

Must Have Award asustor NAS

Modders Inc, US


Must Have Award

"Redefining Home Storage: Be smart and back that stuff up. For a budget/entry level NAS the ASUSTOR AS1002T v2 is a good choice. "

Review asustor NAS

4PDA, Russia



"ASUSTOR AS1002T is a simple and friendly network storage device with a clear interface, provides various forms of protection and provides easy access from desktop and mobile devices, as well as media players and smart TVs. "

Review asustor NAS

PClab, Poland



"Well-functioning and nice mobile tools "

Review asustor NAS

CHIP, Russia



"ASUSTOR AS1002T is one of the best networked storage in class. "

Great for small business and more asustor NAS

NETBEE, Poland


Great for small business and more

"ASUSTOR's AS1002T is great device for a really small price. If you need a well-made NAS with possibilities for configuration and easy operation, the AS1002T will be the ideal choice for you. "

Ergonomic product Award asustor NAS

PCelite, Poland


Ergonomic product Award

"The box is pretty, well made and is easy to use, a lot of apps are very helpful. "

Recommended Award asustor NAS

PCfoster, Poland


Recommended Award

"AS1002T operates quietly, takes little energy and provides a very wide range of applications. Performance is very good via Gigabit Ethernet achieved for large files around 100 MB/s for reading and writing data. There were also options to connect adapters, WiFi and Bluetooth via USB. The application ... "

Price/Performance Award (Rating:10/10) asustor NAS

GreenTech, Russia


Price/Performance Award (Rating:10/10)

"ASUSTOR's AS1002T comes at a low price and offers users high speed productivity and a rich variety of functions via expandable Apps. The device works quietly, does not heat up much and has a stylish exterior, which has been significantly updated when compared to previous ASUSTOR models. If you are l ... "

Editor's Choice asustor NAS

Tehnovosti, Russia


Editor's Choice

"The device is very functional and, thanks to the integrated application store, has almost unlimited possibilities. ASUSTOR AS1002T works very quietly, heats not much, and looks great. For that sum, which asked by the manufacturer, and it is on average from 11 to 14 thousand rubles, you will get an e ... "

Review asustor NAS

CZC.CZ, Czech



"The ASUSTOR AS1002T can become the ideal companion in a home or small business. Apart from a decent performance and intuitive operation, it offers the greatest added value in the form of its own operating system, which allows you to install a broad line of applications and thereby add new functions ... "

Lucky Buy Award asustor NAS

ITWriter, Russia


Lucky Buy Award

"Regarding additional features, the ASUSTOR AS1002T can be transformed into almost anything, from a web server to a private cloud in the Internet. It's also nice, that ASUSTOR thinks, that for many users it is important to have access from smartphones and tablets. Downloading data from the ASUSTOR AS ... "

A great NAS for everyone asustor NAS

Trashbox, Russia


A great NAS for everyone

"The ASUSTOR AS1002T is not just another NAS. The device can be a real center of your home digital universe. After the small NAS is setup it cannot only distribute videos and photos to compatible devices with DLNA protocol, but also work as a print server, web server, mail server, database, and even ... "

Recommended asustor NAS

Gamedot, Poland



"ASUSTOR's AS1002T is a good NAS for a good price. The results of our tests are satisfying. What is the benefit to users? A safe place for your files anywhere in the world, of course via internet. We strongly recommend this product! "

Easy to install, versatile strengths asustor NAS

DataNet, Korea


Easy to install, versatile strengths

"The first step to build a digital home. It's cost-effectiveness, low noise and refined appearance which are important for the home use. "

Recommended for personal use asustor NAS

CNet, Korea


Recommended for personal use

"Good: Fast, simple installation and compact size. "

Review asustor NAS

Server The Home, US



"Performance is the highlight of the AS1002T, for NAS boxes in this price range it is very good value. "

Best in Test (Oct. 2016) asustor NAS

Computer Totaal, Netherlands


Best in Test (Oct. 2016)

"The test shows that you can already buy a very decent NAS for two hundred euros, which you can use to store and share files on the home network but also via the Internet. In addition, each of these NAS devices can provide limited additional services like downloading torrents or streaming media. Ulti ... "

The Top Home NAS asustor NAS

K.Bench, Korea


The Top Home NAS

"If you are considering a home NAS for important data backup and media server utilization, the AS1002T would be a nice choice. "

2 bay NAS for the digital home asustor NAS

OverclockZone, Thailand


2 bay NAS for the digital home

"AS1002T is easy to setup for beginners. Performance is enough for entry level home users. With a price that makes it possible to meet the demands for home applications such as cloud storage, media server, IP-cam recording storage and so on. We think this is an interesting 2 bay NAS for the digita ... "

Excellent Choice Award   asustor NAS

Hardware.Info, UK


Excellent Choice Award

"Based on the performance, specifications and features, we are impressed the most by the Asustor AS1002T and the Netgear RN202. The latter is of course unfair competition to the other models, since it's more expensive. The AS1002T is the 'true' winner of this test. "

Unboxing asustor NAS

IslaBit, Spain



"What hardware carries inside the AS1002T? It comes with a dual-core Marvell ARMADA 385 1GHz, with 512MB of RAM, two bays to add two hard drives 3.5 "SATA II / III, two USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit Ethernet connection and enhanced under the operating system ADM. This has made this NAS server works pretty ... "

Amazing Value Award asustor NAS

Vortez, UK


Amazing Value Award

"The AS1002T is stylish two-bay NAS which bears a multitude of features and thanks to its low price-tag, transforming that home network won’t cost the earth! "

The small home guardian for your data asustor NAS

HiComm, Bulgaria


The small home guardian for your data

"ASUSTOR AS1002T is a mini NAS server playing a central role in preserving and sharing files. "

Golden Award asustor NAS

sky-Future, France


Golden Award

"The AS1002T is a nas of entry level that handles very well on multitasking. With its brand-new design we quickly notice the start button is located at the back and the racks of hard disks are removed. If you are looking for a nas with a limited budget, this one is for you! "

Gold Award asustor NAS

Actualidad Hardware, Spain


Gold Award

"In the end of the review of ASUSTOR AS1002T we can tell you that we have been pleased with the performance offered by it in our tests. For NASes, we can catalog AS1002T as entry-level model of ASUSTOR that offers good performance and elegant design. It has some interesting features and specification ... "

Excellent entry-level NAS asustor NAS

Technieuws, Netherlands


Excellent entry-level NAS

"The ASUSTOR AS1002T is a very good NAS for the entry-level category. The hardware is fine and the speed is very good. Especially for a sum of 200 euros, the NAS is interesting. "

Bang for Buck Award asustor NAS

eTeknix, UK


Bang for Buck Award

"The ASUSTOR AS1002T is a powerful entry level NAS that comes with a low power consumption, all basic features, a good performance, and a fair price. "

Value Award asustor NAS

Hardware Heaven, UK


Value Award

"Setup is super simple, unscrew the thumb screws on the back slot in the drive(s) and screw them in (no tools required). Close it up, connect and power on. Within a few minutes we are up and running with the latest OS. We had no setup issues and all of the drives and devices we tried worked without p ... "

Hands-on review asustor NAS

TechDay, New Zealand


Hands-on review

"It's quiet, easy to use and provides everything you would expect from a NAS drive. This is one to consider if you're planning on setting up a home network server, accessible from the cloud and all your mobile devices. "


HW Legend, Italy


BEST BUY" and "Platinum" Award

"ASUSTOR's AS1002T is phenomenal! It has class-leading performance without suffering the slightest slowdown during operation, a sure sign of maturity and stability of the ADM operating system. Tests have shown elevated values, with peaks of approximately 110 MB / s. Whereas the HDD connected via USB ... "

Excellent Choice Award asustor NAS

Hardware.Info, Netherlands


Excellent Choice Award

"With the AS1002T, ASUSTOR releases a very interesting NAS with great potential and an excellent level of performance. It is the first model released by the brand that moves into a lower price segment. You can see that mainly reflected in the price tag of around 200 euros. For us, the AS1002T is an e ... "

KICKASS Award asustor NAS

3Dgameman, Canada



"The ASUSTOR AS1002T NAS is designed to be your cloud storage solution with many mobile apps to make connectivity a snap. It's an affordable, compact and very elegant looking NAS. It can accommodate two 8TB drives, has two USB3 ports, a Gigabit LAN port and much more. "

APH equal.balance Award asustor NAS

APH Networks, Canada


APH equal.balance Award

"The ASUSTOR AS1002T is a great looking NAS that delivers class leading performance, with one of the best operating systems in the market today, for only $180 at press time. Its feature set is competitive for the price, with its performance and operating system easily one of, if not the best, in its ... "

Review asustor NAS

IT-Connect, France



"A new design that brings freshness to ASUSTOR NAS. Installation does not require any tools. It offers a good price to performance ratio and a great 3 year warranty along with an operating system that continues to grow.This newly designed NAS will find a place in your living room, and is great for th ... "

High rating review asustor NAS

Clubic, France


High rating review

"ASUSTOR AS-1002T: an entry-level NAS that meets high demandsThe quality of the ASUSTOR software interface and quality design presented a relatively large investment until now. The AS1002T and its cousin, the 4-bay AS1004T arrive just in time to offer an entry-level NAS product that meets high demand ... "

Storage Sweetness Award asustor NAS

Guru3D, US


Storage Sweetness Award

"ASUSTOR is on full frontal attack in terms of price and performance, the AS1002T is simply a terrific product that easily outclasses any NAS in this price range. The performance is extremely good for a processor of this class. Combined with the ADM software suite and applications this low power unit ... "

High rating in review asustor NAS

Počítač Pro Každého, Czech


High rating in review

"Issue 22/2015 A comprehensive solution for storing large volumes of data within your home network or office is a NAS server. Asustor's AS1002T is a NAS that is simple and cheaper, but offers solid performance. Pros: Good price to performance ratio / Czech user interface / Quiet operatio ... "