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Q: Update ADM Now to Protect Against Deadbolt


#DeadBolt # Ransomware

An emergency update to ADM is provided in response to Deadbolt ransomware affecting ASUSTOR devices. ASUSTOR urges all users to install the latest version of ADM as soon as possible to protect themselves and minimize the risk of a Deadbolt infection. ASUSTOR also recommends taking measures to guard against the potential harms of Deadbolt in accordance with the previously announced protective measures.

Please review the measures below to help increase the security of your data on your ASUSTOR NAS.

  • Change default HTTP and HTTPS ports. Default ports are 8000 and 8001 respectively.
  • Make regular backups and ensure backups are up to date.
  • Turn off Terminal/SSH and SFTP services as well as other services you do not use.

ASUSTOR's myasustor.com DDNS service has been enabled once again. Please update ADM to the latest version, ensure backups are up to date and change all ports being used for increased protection.

In response to increasing numbers of ransomware attacks, ASUSTOR has committed to an internal review of company policies to regain customer trust. This includes, but is not limited to increased monitoring of potential security risks and strengthening software and network defenses. ASUSTOR takes security very seriously and apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

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