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NAS tutorial - ASUSTOR College

Interested in learning more about your ASUSTOR NAS?

ASUSTOR College provides a variety of easy-to-follow courses that allow you to quickly learn more about your NAS. Courses are classified according to difficulty level and topic allowing you to select the appropriate course for your knowledge level and needs.

Level: 1

NAS 160
How to access exFAT storage devices?
NAS 161
Learn how to set up an start using Surveillance Center.
NAS 162
Learn how to use Download Center to execute BitTorrent and HTTP/FTP downloads.
NAS 163
Learn how to connect and use your Xiaomi webcam on an ASUSTOR NAS.
NAS 165
Stream music from your ASUSTOR NAS using iTunes Server or OwnTone
NAS 168
An introduction to UPnP AV Media Server and streaming media to UPnP/DLNA compatible devices.

Level: 2

NAS 261
An overview of Surveillance Center's various settings.
NAS 262
Add and manage camera licenses in Surveillance Center
NAS 263
Surveillance Center maps management
NAS 265
Learn how to automate your torrent downloads using RSS feeds and Download Center.
NAS 269
Configure Mail Server on Your ASUSTOR NAS